Reader Question: Can I wear glasses while driving?

As reading glasses are intended to treat presbyopia, a condition of the eye in which it can no longer change focus to view near objects, reading glasses should not be worn while driving. Reading glasses are meant to help achieve clarity in viewing objects that are no further than an arms-length away. Driving inherently involves viewing objects further than this distance, so reading glasses thus have no use for a driver.

  • keith

    yeah its soo hard to see otherwise, im only 21 and without my reading glasses i cant see anything close, i usually just wear them full time on the end of my nose so then i can see close without taking them on and off all day long. the only time i take them off is to shower and go to bed

  • Bridget

    Hi Keith! That makes sense. This strategy would work especially well in regard to half-frame reading glasses.

  • keith

    what about to see the dashboard? i wear them on the end of my nose when i drive so i can see far and near