Eye News Weekly Roundup 17

Artificial Corneas Restore Vision: For thousands of people who struggle with blindness, donor corneas could mean a new lease on life. However, for many, disease or other circumstances make this impossible. Luckily, Dr. Joachim Storsberg, who is being awarded the 2010 Joseph von Faunhofer prize for his work, has developed a special material that can be used to make a plastic cornea.

Blind Fencing: Do you think you could fence without seeing your opponent? This year was the first ever blind fencing tournament. Check out this interesting article about one of the top competitors.

Vision Tests: Curious about the tests your optometrist does to check your vision? This helpful resource gives an overview of each.


  • R Hicks

    The artificial corneas is quite a breakthrough. It will help SO MANY people regain their vision!