Eye News Weekly Roundup 18

Bill Nye, the Vision Guy? Here’s a treat for you Bill Nye fans – VSP Vision Care has created a series of webisodes starring the original Science Guy. The goal? To educate Americans on eye health and debunk common myths.

Bill Nye vision information

Dangerous Lenses: Cosmetic contact lenses can seem an easy and inexpensive way to change your eye color or add fun effects for costume parties; however, be careful! It is illegal for anyone but eye-care professionals to sell contact lenses, even the ones that do not have a prescription. As this article explains, the consequences of buying from vendors could be unpleasant.

Joke or Reality? Speaking of contact lenses, the web has recently been buzzing with news of a new contact lens spray – that’s right, a substance that you spray into your eye that can change the color or even correct your vision. Is it a joke or a real invention? What do you think?

Is That Eye Itching Because of Allergies? It’s hard sometimes to know if your eyes are just irritated or if you’re suffering from allergies. Luckily, WebMD has this useful slide show called “Taking on Allergies” that shows you what eye allergies look like and how to deal with them.

Image Credit: BillNye.com