Eye News Weekly Roundup 21

Happy Friday, Readers! I hope you’re enjoying that sunny summer weather!

Here’s your Eye News update for the week:

Eye Training: Did you know more than 1300 people are injured each day in car crashes involving a distracted driver? Researchers at Vanderbilt are studying whether training our eyes to see in different ways can help us react faster and avoid these situations. Something as simple as teaching ourselves to look at the center of objects can making driving safer for everybody!

National Eye Week 2010: This week was National Eye Week in the UK, but even if you don’t live in Great Britain, you can still make use of the great resources on Vision Matters. Check out the “Sight Tests at Home” section and take the Eye Health Questionnaire to find out whether or not you need an eye exam.

Vodka Eyeballing: Here’s something ridiculous – apparently, the latest trend for partying college students is “vodka eyeballing,” a practice in which you pour vodka directly into your eyeball. Not only is this dangerous to your vision, but it’s got to be incredibly painful! Not me, thanks!

iPhone 4’s Retina Display: Everyone is all abuzz about the new iPhone 4 – multitasking? personalized backgrounds? iBooks? a Game Center?  It all sounds pretty great to me, but what about Steve Jobs’ claim that the “retina display” is SO good that it exceeds the limit of the human retina? PhD Raymond Soneira addresses those claims here.

What do you think? Are you going to jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon?