Eye News Weekly Roundup 22

Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy week here at Reading Glasses Shopper – make sure you check out all the great glasses we have back in stock, including this classic. I like the blue.

The Eye Care World has been busy, too. Here’s your news update for the week:

Sun Protection: The sun has been bright this first week of summer. Most people think to protect their skin with sunscreen, but what about your eyes? It’s just as important to make sure your vision is safe from harmful rays. Check out this article from Medical News Today for more info, and pick up some sunglasses!

Facebook and Diabetes: The Eye Care Institute has jumped on the social media bandwagon, and they’re using it for a good cause. Between now and June 30, $2 will go to the American Diabetes Association for each person who joins the Institute’s fan page. Use your Facebook profile for a good cause and help them out!

Myths about Lasik: Thinking about getting Lasik surgery but afraid of the pain? It might interest you to know that because anesthetic eye drops numb a patient’s eyes, you’re more likely to feel mild discomfort from the pressure, not pain. Dr. Daniel S. Durrie explains the truth behind this myth and more in this article.

Fake Ophthalmology Certification: You might know that Rand Paul is running for the US Senate in November, but did you know he’s also an ophthalmologist…a practicing ophthalmologist who isn’t licensed? Well, he’s licensed, but by the National Board of Ophthalmology, a board which he created himself. What? That’s right. There’s more to the story, but for a humorous take on the situation, check out this clip from Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report.