Eye News Weekly Roundup 24

Cosmetic Contact Lenses: You might know a teenage girl who is going gaga for pop singer Lady Gaga, as is a good portion of the world population. Just make sure she doesn’t take it too far: recent reports suggest that girls who are trying to emulate the singer’s wide-eyed look in her famous “Bad Romance” video might end up damaging their eyes. Any contacts that are not dispensed by a licensed eye health specialist are technically illegal, but Gaga’s “circle lenses” are even more dangerous because they cover more than just your pupil.

Carrots + Vision: Everybody knows eating carrots improves your vision, right? Wrong. Though a recent survey showed that 30% of eye care providers are asked about carrots at least once a week, the truth is that they cannot improve your vision. They do protect it, however, as do the other foods included in this article.

An Implantable Eye Telescope: There’s hope for those who suffer from age-related macular degeneration. The newly-approved “eye telescope” will magnify images to three times their size and then send the image to the healthy part of the retina. While it has a hefty price ($15,000), studies show 75% of patients experienced improved vision.

Are Yearly Eye Exams Really Necessary? It’s easy to skip out on that yearly eye exam when you don’t notice any problems with your vision. You don’t need glasses, so why bother seeing a doctor? However, the truth is that many serious health problems (including diabetes and brain tumors)  can show up in your eyes before they show any symptoms or signs elsewhere. Get more info here.