Eye News Weekly Roundup 25

Here’s the latest in eye news and vision resources.

Can’t See 3D TV or Movies? The technology used to make 2D objects appear 3D doesn’t work for Rafe Needleman, and he’s not alone; some experts report that up to 10 percent of the population cannot process the stereoscopic imagery used in films like Toy Story 3 or Avatar 3D. This means some people are left out or have to suffer through images that give them headaches while others enjoy 3D images. Luckily, as this article reports, this is often a treatable condition.

Eyeglasses That Track Your Shopping Preferences: The newest development in marketing and brand research comes from Tobii Technology, a company that has developed eyeglasses shoppers can wear to track their eye movements. As the viewers pause and look at different objects, the glasses will send important data about their shopping preferences to a smart phone. Will this change the way companies market their products, or will consumers find this too invasive? What’s your take?

Eye Injuries: The eye is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and few injuries can be scarier. Here, WebMD gives us an overview of different types of eye injuries, as well as advice for how to avoid or treat them.