Eye News Weekly Roundup 26

Back to School: To the dismay of schoolchildren everywhere, it’s getting to be that time of year! In addition to buying pencils and notebooks for your budding scholars, make sure you add a yearly eye exam to the schedule. Vision is extremely important in the developmental years, and, as this article reports, problems with seeing clearly can lead to anything from a lack of interest in reading to headaches to ADHD symptoms.

Myths About Your Child’s Vision: On a similar note, in an article from Carolina Weekly, Dr. Laura Young explains some of the mistakes parents make in terms of their child’s vision. It’s a must-read for parents and grandparents!

Are Designer Sunglasses Worth It? Have you ever wondered whether that $500 pair of sunglasses is really better than the $15 ones? Wonder no more – this article reports that in many cases the sunglasses are made by the same company and provide the same protection for your eyes.