Eye News Weekly Roundup 27

Sleep Position and Glaucoma: Nobody likes the puff of air ophthalmologists shoot into your eye during eye exams, but the test does give you some important information about your eye pressure and therefore your risk for glaucoma. New research at the University of Toronto adds some exiting news for those who do suffer from high eye pressure – sleeping with your head at a 30 degree angle can actually decrease the pressure in your eyes. Grab that extra pillow!

ReLEx Laser Vision Correction: Thinking about getting Lasik? You might want to consider ReLEx, a newly approved technology that provides a simpler way for doctors to perform vision correction surgery.

Sunglass Tints for Sports: You probably think about face shape and skin tone when picking out sunglasses, but do you also consider lens tint? If you play sports, you definitely want to consider the color of your lenses. This handy guide lets you know which tints are better for which sports.

Vision Changes as You Age: Are you worried about your eyesight changing as you get older? It happens to all of us, but it’s handy to know what to expect so you can do what you can to combat it. Here are things you should know about how vision changes as we age.

Image Credit: showmummythemoney.com.au