New Merch Monday

Some reading glasses can be boring, and some people like them that way. That’s fine, but what if you want something with a little color? A little style? Maybe something that looks a little more futuristic? Then our new arrival, the Mia, would be the perfect fit! This pair of glasses reminds me of the glasses that Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge wore from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You know the guy that wore the visors?

Okay, they’re not quite as spacey and futuristic, but the Mia does have temples that suggest a square, linear look. These glasses have a darker outlining and the surrounding part of the glasses can come in several brighter colors., including black and blue, black and green, black and white, brown and orange, red and pink, and purple. The glasses are also available in +1.00 through +2.75. So if you want to look slightly high-tech and futuristic without going for the cyclops look, the Mia would be the ideal pick.

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