Eye News Weekly Roundup 28

iPhone eye exam appEye exams on your iPhone: EyeXam is a free app developed by two optometrists and allows you to measure your own visual acuity at near and far and also includes color vision plates and an eye dominance test. This isn’t exactly new news as the app came out in April, but it was news to me! And trust me – I just downloaded it and it’s pretty neat.

Local eye surgeon breaks new ground: An eye surgeon in Richmond created the region’s first partial corneal transplant. The surgery seems to have gone very well and recovery will take only two months, unlike a full corneal transplant where recovery can take one to two years.

Potential cure discovered for degenerative vision diseases: Neurobiologists have discovered a potential cure for degenerative vision diseases that lead to terminal blindness such as congenital macular degeneration. The new technology shows great promise for the partial restoration of vision for the blind.

UV absorbing contact lenses: 1•day Acuvue Trueye™ brand contact lenses became the fifth contact lenses in the Acuvue family of products to receive the Seal of Acceptance for Ultraviolet Absorbing Contact Lenses from the American Optometric Association’s Commission on Ophthalmic Standards.