Eye News Weekly Roundup 30

Happy Friday, Readers! I hope you have weekend plans that will make the most of this end-of-summer weather. Fall will be here before we know it!

As usual, here are some great eye care resources and news items to keep you informed and seeing clearly. Enjoy!

Women’s Health: The Healthy Women website is a great resource for all aspects of women’s health, with blogs and discussion on pretty much every topic you could imagine. Their section on eye health is particularly useful, with tips for keeping your eyes healthy and information on preventative health screenings for women.

Children and Vision: Ready to send your young one back to school? Besides being the month when children everywhere pick up pencils and notebooks and head back into the classroom, August is also Children’s Eye Health Month. According to this article, one in ten children is at risk for an undiagnosed eye problem, so make sure you take this opportunity to make sure your student’s eyes are ready to learn, too. After all, 80% of learning is processed through your child’s eyes.

Reading Glasses Guide: Have questions about reading glasses? Optometrist Andrew Gay has put together a helpful resource that answers many common questions, including those involving eye myths like “wearing glasses weakens your eyes.”  He also has some useful information on eye exercises and eye surgery.

Vision in the Future: Contacts with LED lights? Bionic eyes? Seeing with your tongue? Technology moves quickly, and scientists are more optimistic than ever about the possibilities to advance vision. Here’s a highlight of some possibilities for the future.