Eye News Weekly Roundup 31

The Truth is in Your Eyes? People always say you can tell if someone is lying by looking in their eyes…well, now modern science is backing up that theory. The Daily Mail reports that scientists are now using eye tracking technology as a lie detector test.

Amblyopia: The word “amblyopia” might be unfamiliar to you, but the term “lazy eye” probably isn’t. I myself suffered from amblyopia when I was a child, and I had to wear an ugly brown eye patch that my mom let me “decorate” with crayons. It was unfortunate…but it helped me, just as it helps many other children, see normally. This article from All About Vision details the common causes and treatments of amblyopia. It’s a great resource – plus, they have a picture of a very snazzy eye patch for kids that looks much more impressive than my crayon doodlings.

Strange Eye Movements in Children: Worried about your infant’s eye movements? I came across this interesting question-and-answer from CNN Health in which a mother describes her daughter’s ability to turn her eye inward. Read Dr. Jennifer Shu’s response.

Alternatives to Lasik: Interested in laser eye surgery? Lasik might not be your only option. This article discusses the results of studies on two other kinds of laser surgery: PRK and LASEK.