Eye News Weekly Roundup 32

Vision Tests for Athletes: Are you into sports? It’s difficult to think of a sport in which good vision is NOT crucial.  All About Vision has a great resource to help you improve your sports vision, including this section on Sports Vision Tests and Training and Sports Vision Skills You Can Practice at Home. Try the memory test – I’m going to have to practice. I was only able to get myself down to 1:43.

Protecting Your Eyes While Tanning: Now that summer is on its way out, you might be considering visiting the tanning bed to retain your sunny glow. Of course, with the risk of skin cancer, that isn’t the greatest idea, but if you do decide to embrace the sunbed lamps anyway, make sure you wear goggles. Simply closing your eyes isn’t enough to avoid eye growths and vision damage. Be careful!

Video Games – Damaging to Your Eyes? Worried that your child’s constant playing of video games is damaging their eyes? New research may set your mind at ease.

New Glaucoma Tests: Here’s good news for those at risk for glaucoma. According to this article, up to 80% of people who have glaucoma don’t know it, even though the condition is the most common cause of preventable blindness. Luckily, new data is helping researchers to better diagnose and treat glaucoma sufferers.