Dancing With the Stars: The Bristol Effect

This season of Dancing with the Stars has been full of surprises — most recently, the controversial elimination of Brandy in favor of the much debated Bristol Palin.

After Bristol was announced as a finalist, Brandy cried, fans were in uproar, and a man in Wisconson was so full of anger and disgust he shot his TV (and was arrested and charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.)

While the dancing spoke for itself with the combined scores of Brandy’s dances, 57/60, four points higher than the combined scores of Bristol’s dances, 53/60, it’s clear America had other plans.

This was the seventh consecutive time the 20-year-old dance newcomer had beaten out an opponent despite having lower scores from the judges. DWTS is TV’s second most-watched program, drawing an average audience of more than 20 million.

While some credit it to her popularity among women of all ages, others say its because tea party activists have led a campaign that essentially stuffs the show’s ballot box in favor of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

Whether or not Bristol will win the gold remains to be seen, however, with Sarah Palin’s reality TV show debuting with 5 million viewers and Bristol in the DWTS finals, it’s undeniable that the Palin family has an polarizing effect on American TV viewers.

Bristol will face Disney actor Kyle Massey, and Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey in the season finale Monday 8/7c and Tuesday 9/8c on ABC.

Photo: media.syracuse.com, earsucker.com

  • http://pitchpull.blogspot.com Greybeard

    Got here via CJ’s “The Angry American”.
    Bristol is a knockout, as is her Mother. But I have to admit I was as surprised as was that idiot Kathy Griffin…
    It sure looked to me as if she gained weight during the competition. Shame too…
    I was looking forward to her legs getting better and better!