Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris, Age 24

Let this be a lesson to all the guys out there: you’re never to old to stop playing. Evidence? Hugh Hefner tweeted on Christmas Eve the news of his third engagement, to  24 year-old girlfriend Crystal Harris. Read the tweets at the Huffington Post.

Hefner and Harris on Christmas Eve

I’m not going to make a judgment about whether Harris is just “using” Hefner for money. A man like Hefner probably attracts women in a way most men can’t understand, which is why he’s marrying one 60 years his senior. (Harris is 24).

Take, for instance, what he wears. Pictures with Harris and him have almost always featured the same kind of wardrobe–especially the one pictured. He’s too casual for a tie, but shows his confidence with a bright red dress shirt with a contrast collars.

Hugh Hefner with his girlfriends

Hefner must love bright shirts with white contrast collars. Here he is, pictured with Harris in 2009 along with two former girlfriends. This time, he sports a shirt with bold blue stripes.

And orange stripes, as evidenced here:

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

However, the most awesome recent picture I’ve seen of Hefner is this low-quality one from New Year’s Eve. However, there’s nothing than screams, “I’m old, classy and successful” quite like a long double-breasted velvet tuxedo. (Or is it a robe?)

Hugh Hefner and Fiance Crystal Harris at the Mansion

The proportions might be a little off, but with Hefner’s confidence, he can really pull anything off. Even marriage to a 24 year-old.

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