Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy Back with New Eyewear Line

Justin Timberlake in his signature nerd glasses

Pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake has not only been working on his acting career, but he is preparing to release a new eyewear line. JT is Bringin’ Sexy Back to the eyewear industry. His company, William Rast, is expanding their line to include eyeglasses. The release date has not been assigned, but we can look forward to it releasing sometime this year.

Back in N’SYNC days you wouldn’t expect JT to be sporting a pair of nerd specs. In that era, nerdy glasses might get you mistaken as a member of Steve Urkel’s fan club. Most people were ditching the four eyes look and investing in contacts. I admit, I too nagged my parents to death for a set.

But say so long to contacts because they’re Dead and Gone. Stars like Justin, Joe Jonas, Chris Brown and Johnny Depp make a bold fashion statement by wearing all different styles and types of nerd glasses. Whether they are thick or thin rimmed, brown or black, small or big… nerd glasses are IN.

Justin’s own glasses tend to be bold, thick rimmed, and sophisticated, so it’s lucky that several pairs in the line are inspired by the specs he wears day to day. The new eyewear line is not only offering glasses for men, but for women as well.  Celebrities Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson and Faith Hill have all been caught supporting the ever so popular nerd look.

Justin’s line has yet to release, so jump on the band wagon before everyone else does. Check out the glasses below.
Thick frame reading glasses

Sure, William Rast Eyewear may be pretty cool, but you can get the same look without paying the price. At only $12.71, these thick rimmed glasses are sure to make you feel sophisticated and confident, just like JT.

Photo Credit: Lolluv.com

  • Chef Lizzy

    Good job on the post. I like how you referred JT’s glasses as bring sexy back! The new line does suit him…. smoking hot !!!!

  • Jen

    Love these glasses!