A Bookworm’s Guide to Glasses

Do you ever look at a person in glasses and try to guess what type of books they read? Sometimes, a pair of glasses frames immediately calls to mind a certain  book or genre.

Ok, so maybe it’s just the bookworm in me, but when I browse through our selection of reading glasses, I definitely associate particular styles with particular novels!

Take The Elizabeth for example:

elizabeth reading glasses, black reading glasses

This pair would be perfect for reading Jane Austen.  And no, it’s not only because of Elizabeth Bennett from “Pride and Prejudice!  They just look like a pair of frames that a Jane Austen heroine would wear – stylish with the pop of red, but not too ostentatious; intelligent-looking, but also pretty.  I can just imagine reading the pages of Lizzie and Darcy at the ball in these glasses!

With  The New Yorker glasses, I imagine reading something a little more modern.

modern reading glasses

This pair is very sleek and contemporary.  These specs look like they should be pulled out in a trendy cafe in some great metropolis to read a “New York Times” bestseller – on an ipad, of course! (Ladies,for a modern look, try The Ava!)

Do we have any readers of poetry out there?  Then let me tell you about The Walker

cat eye reading glasses

Rather classical and learned-looking, but not at all stuffy,  I can just imagine these glasses bent over a volume of Wordsworth or Yeats, or maybe Shakespeare’s sonnets.

So what pair of glasses will you be wearing the next time you pick up your favorite book to read?