Jennifer Aniston’s Short Hair and New Glasses

Jennifer Aniston with new haircut and new glasses.

Ever since her “Friends” days, Jennifer Aniston has always rocked a sleek, long layered hairdo. As for her glasses style, we tend to see Jenn wearing sunglasses more than actual prescription eye wear. But on February 22 in Madrid, Spain, Jenn debuted a new, updated look. Just like Justin Beiber, who just recently cut his hair for charity to achieve an edgier look, Jen too got a new ‘do as well. The actress cut a few inches off her long, golden locks and now embraces a fresh, trendy long layered bob. Jenn showed off her new hair at the “Just Go With it” premiere. With both Justin Beiber and Jennifer Aniston putting scissors to their hair, does this mean more people are going to start following their footsteps for a shorter hairdo? After much frustration of growing my hair out for nearly 2 years now, and still not reaching my desired length, I know I won’t be a follower.

There is a trend I will be following though, the eyeglasses trend! Along with Jennifer’s new haircut, she also promoted her new movie in a cute pair of brown retro glasses! This updated eye wear look is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of celebrities. The glasses appear edgy, yet still support a sophisticated look. I think the specs create a  great look for Jenn, and they can be a great look for you too!

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tortoise shell reading glasses

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