Joe Jonas Rides Solo in Black Rims


Look! Joe Jonas is all grown up and gettin’ his sophistication on! (The pictures tell it all.) Although his signature glasses have always given him the persona of a sophisticated and intelligent young man, Joe is growing up in other ways beyond just his sharp eye wear.

Joe is leaving behind the Jo-Bro look (literally) and is going out on his own to launch a solo career. Sorry Jonas fans, the release date of his new album has not yet been established, but Joe hopes to release it late summer to early fall. The young heart throb explains during an interview that the Jonas Brother’s are not breaking up, but are just taking a break. Joe furthered his explanation of the break by saying that he has experienced a lot at the age of 21 and wants to be able to express his own experiences in his own songs. Speaking of experiences, breaking up, and going solo, Joe and former “Twilight” girlfriend Ashley Greene recently called it quits. Luckily the split was completely mutual and due to busy work schedules. And through it all, Joe continues to have great eye wear style!

Joe’s signature glasses express intelligence and sophistication.

Joe Jonas wearing his signature glassesJoe Jonas's eyewear styleJoe Jonas all grown up

Joe’s signature glasses look identical to The Red Bluff. This thick, black and retro design strikes a hip and modish look.