Lady Gaga: Dangerous Eyewear and Charitable Wristbands

You may be familiar with Lady Gaga’s bizarre sunglass trends, but have you ever noticed her eyeglasses style? I expected her taste in eye glasses to be just as unique as her sunglasses, but her eyewear doesn’t really come up to par on the scale of eccentricity. Why, you may ask?  Turns out, Lady Gaga has prescription eyeglasses, but expresses she doesn’t like wearing them in public. She prefers contacts over glasses.

Gaga likes contacts so much that she even wore a unique pair in her “Bad Romance” music video.

Lady Gaga wearing large eye contacts

Gaga’s large eye contacts are designed to enlarge the iris of the eye. The contact actually extends past the color part of the eye and covers part of the white, making her eyes appear larger. These large eye contacts began their popularity in Asia and are now becoming popular within the U.S. The contacts have not been approved by the FDA and are deemed to be very dangerous by eye doctors.

Would you ever risk your vision to be “fashionable?”

I say embrace your normal eye size, stick with regular contacts, and spice up your look with a safer technique: Glasses.

We think The Harry at embody Gaga’s style without breaking your wallet.

The Harry reading glasses

We also love that Lady Gaga uses her fame for good. She created a red and white wristband that reads: ‘We pray for Japan’ in both English and Japanese. She raised $250,000 in 48 hours! Go Gaga!

Lady Gaga wristband for Japan Click HERE to purchase the Gaga designed wristband for just $5.00. All proceeds go directly toward the relief effort in Japan.