Phil Collins’ Final Show

Music sensation Phil Collins, 60, recently announced that he will be officially retiring from the music business. His announcement swept headlines, and many people speculate as to why he is saying goodbye. People claim that it is due to health problems, or that he has lost a connection with his fan base, but the icon himself was able to put all these speculations to rest. On his official website, Phil announced that he is retiring because he wants to have more time to devote to being a father.

This news is shocking to the many  fans who adore the singer for such famous songs as “In the Air Tonight” and “One More Night.” Phil’s long music career, however, has been a complete success! First he was a phenomenal drummer with the band Genesis, then he became a solo artist and topped charts around the world. For decades, Phil has stunned crowds with his popular music.

Over the years, Phil’s look and style have changed as well. In his early career days, he rocked long hair, which was a popular style throughout the ’80s. As time progressed, he cut his hair short and adorned a pair of modern glasses.  In the photo below, he is pictured in his signature rimless glasses.

Phil Collins

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The New Haven

Phil may be retiring from the music business, but for him this is just “Another Day in Paradise.”

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