Alec Baldwin’s Glasses Style

Alec Baldwin.  You may recognize him from the hit series “30 Rock.” He plays Jack Donaghy in this hilarious sitcom. Rumor has it that the series is set to end sometime next year. Whether that’s the case or not, Alec has exciting plans for his future. In an interview with “Extra” he expressed what he would like to do after the show is over.

“I really do want to do other things,” Alec admitted. “I just sold a pilot package to NPR for a radio interview show. I’ve been doing this non-stop for 32 years, started in 1980. I’m one of those people, I’ve just worked and worked non-stop. And I would like to try something else for a while.”

Besides “30 Rock,” Alec acted in ‘”Beetle Juice,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Prelude to a Kiss,” “The Aviator,” “The Departed” and  “It’s Complicated,” to name a few.

Aside from acting and radio, Alec enjoys politics. He is a vegetarian, an animal rights activist, and a strong supporter of PETA. And one more for the list — Alec loves wearing glasses!

Alec Baldwin wearing glasses

Take for instance Alec Baldwin’s “Prelude to a Kiss” glasses. These sophisticated black, thick frames are making quite the comeback these days, with retro glasses coming back in style. Check out The Reporter or The Bobby. Both of these glasses come in a variety of colors to add extra spice to your sophistication.

Alec Baldwin wearing glasses

More recently, Alec has been spotted wearing retro square reading glasses, which inspired our Alec Baldwin reading glasses. You can get Alec’s dapper style with these retro celebrity frames!

Alec Baldwin reading glasses

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