David Arquette’s Trendy Glasses

Scream 4 LogoThe king of horror movies Wes Craven is at it again with his newest installment in the Scream series. His latest film, “Scream 4,” is set 10 years after the last Scream movie and chronicles Sidney Prescott as she is visited once again by the famous ghost-faced killer.

The stellar cast includes actors from the previous films such as Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, but also new additions like Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. With such a diverse array of actors, I can only wonder what Wes Craven has up his sleeve for this movie.

Avid followers of the series also can’t forget about David Arquette’s popular character Dewey Riley. He is the sheriff of Woodsboro who protects Sidney Prescott and anyone who may need help from the infamous killer. Besides having an unforgettable role in the series, David also has an impeccable fashion sense!

David has been known to wear a snazzy pair of thick-rimmed, black  glasses. These specs add sophistication to his overall look. For a similar style, the Columbus Bi-Focal in black can offer you this trendy look for only $13.56!

black-rimmed reading glasses

With “Scream 4″ arriving in theaters, some critics have begun to question if a fourth film is a bit too much. Do you think having a fourth installment is one too many?

Image Credit: horrorsociety.com, popeater.com