Gregory Peck’s New Stamp and Specs

The word of the day today is: philately.

Sounds curious doesn’t it?  Anyone know what it means?  I can see you letter-writers and stamp-lovers jumping up with a hand in the air!  Philately is the study of stamps – and not just stamp collecting, but really studying the history of the postal service.

A notable event is coming up in philatetic news. It’s the release of a new stamp, an addition to the “Legends of Hollywood Series.”  Soon, none other than Gregory Peck will be gracing the corner of your envelopes and cards.

Gregory Peck stamp

The stamp art features Gregory as Atticus Finch from the film “To Kill a Mockingbird.” His superb performance in this role earned Gregory his first Oscar.  The new stamp will be released April 28, with a First Day of Issue ceremony in Beverly Hills.

But that’s not the only event surrounding the new design. Peck’s son, Anthony Peck, pulled the original and iconic Atticus glasses — the glasses Gregory Peck wore to play Atticus Finch — out of storage, and took them to designers at Oliver Peoples. Soon, look-a-like frames will be available, and proceeds made off the glasses will go to the Los Angeles Public Library.  Gregory Peck was always known as a humanitarian, so it’s good to see his son carrying on the work.

We have our own pair of Atticus Finch-inspired reading glasses.  Our round reading glasses in tortoise have the same classic, intellectual style and will be perfect for the next time you need to write a letter – and don’t forget the stamp!

round glasses, tortoise glasses

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