A Woman’s Guide to Professional Dress

women's professional clothes

Perhaps you’re a student preparing to present her thesis. Or maybe you’re vying to land that dream job. It could be you got that dream job and you’re working to impress your employer. No matter what your station in life, all women need a business professional wardrobe.

Long gone are the days when business attire means dowdy button downs, bad pleats, and the most uncomfortable pants ever sewn. Today’s professional woman wears pretty blouses, high-waisted skirts, neutral pumps, classy handbags, and wide-leg trousers, all the while remaining comfortable.

And don’t be caught in your yearly review wearing out-of-date glasses! A pair of semi-rimless readers or rimless reading glasses are the ultimate business glasses. If rimless readers could have a personality, they’d be your friend who is always 15 minutes early, triple checks reports before submitting them, and is always a dressed-to-the-nines professional.

It’s a studied fact that wearing glasses can help you land a job because they make you look honest and professional. Course, this is only true for glasses that lend a business appearance. Leave your trendy over-sized glasses in their case for your big interview; instead wear your rimless half frame reading glasses.

You’ve got big dreams for yourself, so study up, work hard, and look the part.  In the words of fashion PR powerhouse Kelly Cutrone, “When you believe in something and truly go after it with all you have, amazing things will happen.”