Julianne Moore: The New Sarah Palin?

What role would you picture Julianne Moore in? Perhaps she would play a mother as she did in “The Kids Are Alright,” or an agent as she was in “Children of Men.” What about the Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin? This name doesn’t spring to most of our minds when we think of a role for Julianne to play.

Well, Julianne will be undertaking the role of Sarah Palin in her new TV movie called “Game Change.” The star successfully transformed herself into the politician, complete with Sarah’s up’do and signature glasses.

The film will follow the Arizona U.S. Senator, John McCain, and his presidential campaign. Integral moments in the movie will be his selection of Palin as a running mate and their defeat in the general election. The Senator will be played by Ed Harris, and Woody Harrelson will play Steve Schmidt, who was McCain’s senior advisor.

It will be interesting to see how each character is portrayed in the film, especially Sarah Palin. Can Julianne pull off Sarah and her folksy sayings or her take-charge attitude?  In the snapshot below, however, Julianne is portraying Sarah perfectly. In her colorful business attire and trademark Sarah Palin glasses, Julianne takes a signature Sarah stance.

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

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Julianne is undertaking a new role in her upcoming television film. Will you be tuning in to watch her try to portray Sarah Palin?

Photo Credit: people.com