Mandy Moore: Fashion Sweetheart

Mandy Moore is unlike your typical celebrity stereotype. She’s down-to-Earth, super sweet and doesn’t like being in the spotlight or reading about herself on the inside pages of celebrity magazines. I’m pretty sure if I were of celebrity status, Mandy and I would be the best of friends.

Mandy Moore working on the anti-malaria campaignMandy is currently busy working on a new record, and all of her writing inspirations are coming from something she truly cares about. She is working for the anti-malaria campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight malaria, which is one of the largest killers of children in Africa. Mandy focuses much of her time on volunteering for the cause and a special place in her heart goes out to the kids. Every 45 seconds, one child dies of malaria. To learn more about the campaign visit:

When Mandy’s not busy supporting and helping others, she is on the music scene and also furthering her acting career. Remember her in, “A Walk to Remember?” Such a great movie, and she also played the voice of Rapunzel in Disney’s “Tangled.”  Her voice was simply beautiful.  Her latest movie, “Love, Wedding, Marriage,” releases in theaters June 3.

When it comes to her fashion, Mandy keeps things simple and classy, just like her!

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Mandy Moore wearing glasses

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