Penelope Garcia’s Edgy Style on Criminal Minds

CBS’ “Criminal Minds”  follows a fictional representation of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI, which studies the behavior of serial killers all across the world in hopes of learning how and why a killer kills. When the show began in 2006, the details of the killings weren’t that gory, but it has grown into a series that explains in-depth the thoughts of a serial killer and “Criminal Minds” isn’t afraid to show the blood.

the Criminal Minds Cast

Besides the high-action drama, we also love the glasses style on the show!  In every episode of “Criminal Minds,” Penelope Garcia outsmarts the bad guys with her flashy bifocals.

Penelope Garcia wearing reading glasses

Penelope, played by Kirsten Vangsness, plays the BAU’s Technical Analyst. She sits in front of a computer screen for most of the show, fighting crime one mouse click at a time. While the rest of the crew, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, JJ and Elle take action outside of the office, Penelope tracks the location of the killer so the team can take him or her into police custody.

Penelope’s quick wit and blonde-bombshell look attracts attention from Special Agent Derek Morgan. She and Morgan have a professional, but flirty relationship to keep the crime fighting not-so-serious. Try her look  and you may get lucky with attention from a hunk of a man such as Morgan! The Atlantic City glasses match Penelope’s style perfectly!

Reading Glasses Shopper Atlantic City glasses

We can’t wait to see what happens next on “Criminal Minds,” which was just recently renewed for a seventh season!

Photo Credit: Mscaesi, TV Guide, and TV Loop

  • janet

    I LOVE Criminal Minds!!

  • Kayla

    RC, thank you for checking out the post! Garcia has always been one of my favorite characters on the show because of her humor. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • RC

    I love Criminal Minds, Garcia adds a touch of comedy. Good post.