Terry Richardson: Photography Extraordinaire

Photographer Terry Richardson’s glasses are his own signature Coke bottle spin-offs. Though nerdy in some circles, they are a sign of pure swag for famous and free bird fans alike. Proof, you say? What about vintage eyewear and sunglasses brand MOSCOT releasing limited edition look-alikes? Available in black and gray, MOSCOT has 350 pairs and once they are gone, that is it.

terry richardson glasses

(Terry on left)

Terry is known among celebrities, tumblr communities and the twitterverse for his provocative, insightful and playful work, such as this shot of Lady Gaga with meat strewn across her body for last September’s issue of “Vogue”:

vogue meat dress

Aside from traveling and celebrity commissions, Terry’s fifth book of photography, “Hong Kong,” is coming soon. Using photos from a trip he took back in 2007, featured subjects according to the Wall Street Journal include actress Maggie Cheung, actress and singer Josie Ho, actors Sam Lee and Shawn Yue and the Cantopop duo twins.

“I remember the summer of 2007, being asked to shoot with Terry,” actor Daniel Wu says. “I was very excited as I was a big fan of his work.”

According to the “Wall Street Journal,” however, Daniel broke his leg a week before the shoot and “worried he would have to cancel.” “I thought being stuck in a very unattractive black boot would be a hindrance to Terry,” Daniel says.

Terry, ever creative and willing to push boundaries, though, was not at all offended. “When news got to him about this he actually welcomed the idea and before you knew it I was in his New York studio doing stunts on crutches that I never thought possible,” Daniel says. “He brought out a playful side of me that made me feel not only comfortable but raw and uninhibited and the results were very different from the Zoolander types of shoots I have done before.”

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Terry Richardson glasses

photo credit: facebook, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety