Ed Helms Rocking the Reading Glasses in Hangover II

With the recent opening of The Hangover II this past weekend, there have been a lot of mixed emotions about the movie from both critics and fans. This time, the movie was bashed by critics saying that it didn’t live up to the expectations that the first one laid out. In the May 26 issue of Rolling Stones, Peter Travers writes an article about how the movie personally didn’t live up to the expectations of the first one. He says it wasn’t a total bummer, but definitely a disappointment. With the rumor of The Hangover III, I’m sure the critics will have their pen and paper ready to bash that one as well.

Ed Helms andThe Hangover II cast

But either way, if you like it or don’t like it, you simply cannot deny the humor these guys bring on set. And you cannot deny the money that the movie generated. The Hangover II accumulated over $205 million just in the opening weekend. Sunglass Warehouse’s last post about the cast of The Hangover was partial to Zach Galifianakas because of the wit and humor he displays on camera while also rocking awesome shades that make him even funnier because the sunglasses fit his character so well.

Hangover's Zach Galifianakas in aviator sunglasses

But Reading Glasses Shopper is more partial to Ed Helms, who rocks the nerdier look with a tattoo on his face just beneath his bifocals. The tattoo sure does make the glasses stand out, but that doesn’t mean you need to get the tattoo just to get the smart look. It means you can get closer to Ed’s look by wearing the bifocals he wears in the movie!

The Andersons or The Hardings are perfect Ed Helms glasses. They’ll get you into character with your funny side for just under $15! Not to mention, a man always looks smarter in glasses.

The Anderson reading glasses like Ed Helms wears in Hangover II

Photo Credit: E! Online, Rolling Stones, Hollywoodreporter.com, David and Thomas.net