James Franco Does Music

If James Franco picks up another film or tv spot, he will have twice as many credits on his imdb page as his age. Add to that ten projects he has directed, nine screenplays, three producer kudos, two soundtrack cameos, an editing credit and one mention as a boom operator. Also his MFA from Columbia University and his wonderful half-smile.

Did we mention he is a musician, too? Proof of the new James Franco/Kalup Linzy collab can be seen here in their music video for “Rising.”

James Franco – Rising

The EP “Turn It Up” includes five tracks and currently has a customer rating of four stars. Whether or not it will receive positive critical reviews remains to be seen but no matter: James’ indie project “The Broken Tower” should keep him busy. According to E! Online, the brainchild is a “black-and-white biopic about Hart Crane, a gay American poet who committed suicide at age 32 in 1932 by jumping off a steamship.”


Zach Braff, “Garden State” style, James not only wrote the screenplay but will also direct and star in it. Supposedly inspired by reading Hart’s autobiography seven years ago, James decided to be the boss-man when he could not successfully assemble anyone else.

“I remember doing interviews at the time and people would say, ‘Well, who would you like to play?’ and I’d say ‘Hart Crane,’” he says. “I was waiting for somebody to make the movie, waiting to jump on board as the actor, and nobody did.”

Here is a photo of James from another film he did about poet Allen Ginsberg.

james franco glasses

Hailed as a “champion of human and civil rights” by the Allen Ginsberg Project, his poem “Howl” served as a catalyst for the world of American poetry through its obscenity trial in 1957. But Allen never would have made it if it had not been for his glasses! Want to look like a legendary wordsmith or force of nature James Franco? Check out these awesome hipster reading glasses and get yours today!

James Franco glasses

photo credit: The Prague Post, The Telegraph