Raise Your Glass(es): Our Favorite Posts of 2012!

Between visits from the Governor and our brand new blog, it’s no secret that 2012 was HUGE here at Reading Glasses Shopper. To honor the frenzy of fun and informative posts over the past year, we rounded up a few of our favorites.

So cue the champagne, kick those feet up, and catch up on your reading, just in time for the New Year. 


1. How to Cover an Old Table in Vintage Book Pages — In one of our most popular posts ever, learn how to update an old table using vintage books and Modge Podge. It’s so easy!

2. 5 Things to Do with Your Grown-up Kids — Sometimes it’s hard to think of new ways to bond with your adult children. This post will help get your brain ticking!

3. Tips on Starting a Book Club — Dive deeper with your reading by starting a book club. Besides, what’s better than recapping the twists and turns of a good book with friends over wine?!

4. Craft Corner: Kids Fabric Flip Flop Decor — These DIY flip flop flowers are the perfect complement to cute little toes! This craft will cheer you up on those gloomy winter days ahead.

5. Find Your Frames with The Spec Style Guide — Having trouble picking out the perfect frames to suit your style? Whether you’re preppy, classic, or artsy, let us lead you to the perfect pair.

6. Jackie O Style — With the 2012 election behind us and Michelle Obama gearing up for four more years of First Lady attire, take a look at the most iconic style-setter in White House history.

7. Save for College: Tips for You and Your Student — If 2013 marks the start of your empty nesting years, and the beginning of tuition bills, read this post and learn how to keep college as cost-efficient as possible.

8. Writing: A Lesson on How to Start — Who says you have to be a literary great to have an excuse to write? Try these quick-and-easy writing prompts to get you started. And if you do end up being the next Ernest Hemingway, we’re completely okay if you give us credit. ;)

9. Finding the Best Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape — This is a must-read for every glasses-wearer out there!

10. Foods that Help Protect Your Eyes — It’s never too late to start eating healthy, especially if it’s for the sake of your eyes.

11. DIY Book Ledges — If getting your family organized is on your New Year’s resolution list, then this adorable DIY is right up your alley.

12. What We’re Reading: 50 Shades of Grey — Guest blogger, Tricia Meyers, gave us a fresh perspective on this oh-so-talked-about book. 50 Shades is perhaps the most controversial book of 2012. We wonder what’s in store for 2013?

13. Eye Health vs. Technology: What You Need to Know — The average person spends 6 hours per day in front of a digital device. That’s proof that you need to read this post.

14. 5 Must-Read Books for Your Children — A roundup of our all-time favorite children’s books. These classics are perfect for bedtime!

15. Giving Back: How to Donate Old Readers — By donating reading glasses to those in need, we spread the holiday cheer this season. Instead of shoving unused readers in the junk drawer next year, make a difference by giving yours to charity.

And just in case you missed it (or if you’re like us and just can’t get enough), we did another post roundup back in March with a few of our earlier favorites, too.


Happy New Year from the RGS Team!

Thank you for 12 months of unforgettable stories, laughs, and reader love. Cheers to another year of good reads, fun crafts, amazing books, awesome new products, and getting to know our fabulous followers!

Holiday Movie Buzz: Book & Theatre Adaptations

This holiday season, the big screen boasts a plethora of gorgeous book and theatre movie adaptations that will leave you awestruck, reeling for more, and comparing which version you loved better. From a boy befriending a tiger to a road trip with the Beat Generation, the season’s releases cater to every movie-going mood. Here’s a look at our favorites, and our take on who you should see them with!

Life of Pi

Life of Pi movie adaptation

Based on the novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of a young castaway’s spiritual journey on the high seas with unexpected companions, including a Bengal tiger from the family zoo. The movie adaptation, rated PG,  is in theaters now and boasts an array of captivating imagery for the whole family. This is the perfect holiday movie to see with your loves ones, who will learn lessons of religion, art, adventure, faith, and discovery.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit movie adaptation

After much anticipation, part 1 of the prequel to the Lord of the Rings came to the big screen last weekend. In its opening weekend, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey made $84.7 million, beating out Avatar for the December box office sales record.  The PG-13 movie, directed by Rings vet Peter Jackson,  is an adaptation of young Bilbo Baggins’ journeys to the Lonely Mountain with a lively group of dwarves. This is the perfect holiday movie to see with friends who are fans of the Rings trilogy and author J.R.R Tolkien’s literary masterpieces.


Les Misérables

Les Miserables theatre to movie adaptation

Les Mis is a beloved musical based on the novel by French poet and playwritght, Victor Hugo. This Christmas Day marks the movie adaption release, starring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, a released prisoner who agrees to care for a factory worker’s daughter Cosette, played by Anne Hathaway. The movie is rates PG-13 for “suggestive and sexual material, violence, and thematic elements,” and is best to see with fellow musical-lovers who admire historic works and beautifully-written, although tragic, stories.


On the Road

On the Road Jack Kerouac movie adaptation

On the Road is a 1950s novel by famous author, Jack Kerouac, based on his travels with friends across America. The movie-version has been released this season, adapting Kerouac’s story of a young writer traveling across the country, who is joined by a myriad of unique people along the way. The movie is rated R for “strong sexual content, drug use, and language” — fitting for a Beat Generation backdrop of jazz, poetry, longing, self-discovery, and experimentation. This is a good movie to see with grown-up members of the family who enjoy a healthy dose of literary greatness.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks is a coming-of-age story narrated by a shy and unpopular teenager by the alias of “Charlie,” who writes a series of letters to an anonymouse person. The book, written by novelist Stephen Chbosky, was released in movie-form in October, but  should still playing in theaters this holiday season. This is the perfect film to see with your young adult children who are in the midst of teenage firsts like falling in love, best friend conflicts, and fitting in.

Which adaptations are you itching to see this season? And if you’ve been to the theaters recently, how did they compare with their originals? 

Image source: imdb.com

What Readers Would You Like to Receive for the Holidays?

Are you having a difficult time choosing reading glasses for a loved one or for yourself? To help you out, we asked three customers to each choose a few pairs of readers from Reading Glasses Shopper that they would like to receive for the holidays.

reading glasses

Check out each of their profiles, hobbies, and glasses picks. Who knows, you may find one of their choices is perfect for you, too!


Meet Jim: Jim is an airline pilot who, in his spare time,  spends a lot of hours in his workshop building model airplanes and working on home projects. He’s also an avid reader, runner, likes to cook, and enjoys working outside on the yard.

glasses as gifts for the holidays

Jim’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. Norwalk Bi-Focal Sun Reader — “I have to wear sunglasses when I’m in the cockpit flying. I have no problem seeing things in the distance, but I have a hard time reading the fine print on charts with sunglasses on. These bi-focal sunglasses would protect my eyes while still allowing me to read up-close charts and checklists.”
  2. The Magnum Readers — “I would use these for reading, computer work, and hobbies. I like the conservative look and that they’re lightweight.”
  3. Bifocal Safety Glasses — “I would primarily use these for hobbies. I need safety glasses for operating power tools (saw, drills, sanders, bench grinder, etc.), and the bifocal portion of the glasses would help with up-close work on these tools.”


Meet Susie: Susie uses reading glasses for everything from attending work meetings to browsing restaurant menus. She also enjoys reading to her triplet granddaughters. She says, “I can’t be without my readers, so I like to keep a pair stashed everywhere, including a few in my purse.”

glasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday gifts

Susie’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. The Genevieve — “I love the red frames and silver sparkle for Christmas, of course.”
  2. The Waikiki Bi-Focal — “Just putting these on would take me to the Hawaiian sunsets!”
  3. The Tracey — “These are fun and colorful, and I like that they come with a case.”


Meet Marcy: Marcy uses reading glasses for a little bit of everything, including for work, reading, and working on the computer.

glasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday giftsglasses as holiday gifts

Marcie’s top three reading glasses picks:

  1. The Paulina — “I like the cat eye style. And the rhinestones are so fun!”
  2. The Drama Bi-Focal Sun Reader — “I love the idea of a sun reader. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to take these off when you look up.”
  3. The Matilda — “These are a very smart-looking style.”


Still having a hard time choosing that perfect pair? Tell us how you use your reading glasses, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

What to Get Your Kids for Xmas (When They’re Not Kids Anymore)

As your children grow and mature into adults, it becomes harder and harder to buy holiday gifts for them. It’s no longer a matter of standing in line for that highly-sought-after toy and sneaking presents from Santa under the tree. However, your kids — no matter how old they are — will always appreciate a thoughtful gift from you.

If you’re at a loss for what to get your adult kids, check out our gift suggestions below. We broke our ideas down into age groups (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s+), so find the ages of your kids and browse our suggestions.

what to get teenagers for christmas

For her: animal print sweater / nameplate necklace / gold ring / lomography camera / clutch / perfume / coffee table book like Rookie Yearbook One
For him: plaid shirt / novelty phone case / headphones / over-the-door basketball hoop /book like Surviving the Zombie Outbreak / cologne

Teens may be the hardest age group to shop for. They’re not as easy-to-please as kids, but they still expect those wrapped presents under the tree. Teens like to receive trendy clothes and accessories, but they’ll still have fun with “toys” like the lomography camera and the basketball hoop.

what to get 20-somethings for christmas

For her: quality candle /nice bag big enough for laptop / [faux] fur stole / personalized stationery / nice watch / serving tray
For him: pocket knife / athletic jacket / nice watch / tickets to game or concert / beer-making kit (21+) / nice shaving supplies

20-somethings are probably getting started in life, so help them get going with nice items that will last for years. Career-minded 20-somethings will probably appreciate owning a  nice wristwatch or bag. Or, consider items for their first apartment or house.

christmas gifts for 30-somethings

For her: nice mohair throw / photo frames / scrubs & skin treatments / quality teas / cozy sweater / infinity scarf
For him: quality travel mug / tools / pullover shirt / leather gloves / binoculars / grilling tools

30-somethings are most likely established in life and maybe have a young family. They’ll appreciate little luxuries that they go without because of kids and other priorities. Whether it’s a luxurious blanket and tea or nice gloves and tools, your 30-something will appreciate almost any thoughtful gift.

christmas gifts for 40-somethings

For her: photo printer / cat eye readers / children birthstone necklace / weekend tote / gardening shoes / wine party kit
For him: reading glasses / bird feeder / suitcase / nice bottle of liquor / thermal socks / lap desk

40-somethings and older are probably enjoying life with older kids and saving for college tuition.  They, too, will appreciate almost any thoughtful gift. Consider the 40-something’s interests and hobbies (for example, wine, food, travel, gardening) that took a backseat to his or her kid-raising days. A pair of reading glasses is always a nice gift, too. Check out our reading glasses buying guide for tips on giving readers as gifts.

We hope this gives you some gift-giving inspiration. Remember, even adults look forward to the holidays and love unwrapping a thoughtful gift!