We’re Eying 2012’s Glasses Trends

Now that we’re well into January, it’s time we get to business and cover 2012’s eyeglass trends. If you’re still sporting glasses like THIS, you’ll want to pay special attention to theses styles and looks that we’re seeing on runways and in fashion magazines.

everyday glasses

Everyone needs a standard pair of black or brown glasses that they can use for work and everyday wear.  A big trend for 2012 everyday glasses is oversized glasses — AKA the Geek-Chic Trend. Above all, your everyday gasses should be flattering with your face and complexion, but if you’re sick of solid black, add a retro twist by pairing neutral color or lightening things up with some half frame readers.

semi rimless glasses

colored glasses frames

Colors and patterns will be big in 2012, giving you the perfect opportunity to try something new.  If you have a color that you wear again and again with your clothes, I suggest choosing a different glasses color so you don’t end up looking too matchy matchy — but at the same time you don’t want to clash! The color you choose should also complement your skin, eye, and hair colors. I think a pair of red reading glasses is nothing short of sassy, while cool blue readers looks refined and chic.

red half frame readers

detailed glasses

Glasses are beginning to look more and more embellished as people turn away from standard frames.  Think about glasses embellished with crystals, etching, iridescent hues, or, my personal favorite, cutout details. The edgy reading glasses below sport cutout arms and stripes.

edgy reading glasses

retro eyeglasses

Retro styles are a continuation of 2011’s trends. From cat eye reading glasses to Buddy Holly glasses, you can’t go wrong with any frames that are a nod to the 1940s, 50s, or 60s.

retro square glasses

color block glasses

Color blocking is a big fashion trend in 2012. To color block, simply wear two or more solid blocks of color together. This trend is certainly translating to eye wear with two toned glasses and bold bright readers.

colorblock glasses


Another glasses trend for 2012 that doesn’t necessarily have to do with fashion is the amount of glasses people own. With more and more discount glasses options available, people are taking advantage of affordable prices and collecting glasses in all shapes and sizes to match their every outfit and mood. And with our selection of discount reading glasses at Reading Glasses Shopper, what’s stopping you?!

Author bio: Ashley is a senior at Indiana University.  She writes for Affordable Style and gets to share her love for both fashion and  people as a part time manager at Express.