Where Did I Leave my Glasses? (Part I of a two-part Series)

We’ve all been there: bleary-eyed and rushing around in the morning, searching high and low for that elusive pair of reading glasses that are never in the same spot twice. As a glasses wearer, there’s nothing more frustrating this! This week on the Reading Glasses Shopper blog, we’ve got a special two-part series on losing reading glasses. Part I focuses on all the spots you may have left your reading glasses, while Part II will share tips and tricks on preventing reading glasses loss. So without further ado, Part I:

“Where did I leave my glasses?” you frantically ask. After minutes of searching, yelling, and wondering, you turn to the computer and desperately type “where did i leave my glasses” into Google. A blog post from Reading Glasses Shopper appears in the search results, apparently solving your dilemma. You click, and are here. These are our answers to your question. They may not be the answers you need, but they will hopefully aid the hunt.

1. On your face.

Gotcha! You should have seen this one coming. It happens in all the movies, but not to anyone real. Now move on to the rest of the possible locations.

But seriously, are they on your face?

2. By a book.

Where do you read? In your bed? On a La-Z-Boy? Outside? Check there. It’s very likely that you took your glasses off to read, especially if you’re nearsighted and are thus comfortable with images at close distances. If you wear reading glasses, you might have left them at this scene of the crime once you were done. Check there, and then check inside the book. Slim glasses can double as bookmarks.

3. On your shirt pocket.

You have two pairs of glasses: reading and regular. When you use one, you store the other clipped on your pocket, because you haven’t gotten around to getting a glasses case. And it just so happens…you changed shirts earlier today. Or it escaped you to remove them from your shirt last night. Go, ravage your wardrobe, scrounge your room, and dig through the hamper. Your glasses are in there somewhere, they’ve gotta be.

4. In the bathroom.

If you’ve washed your face or showered in the past 24 hours, and hopefully you have, you presumably didn’t do it with your glasses on. You left them in the bathroom.

5. At your computer.

You’re reading this, so you’re at your computer. Are they right by your fingertips? Or perhaps you’re reading this on a mobile phone — hurry, check your computer. If you’re like me, nearsighted, taking your glasses off when using the computer can be a good rest for the eyes.

6. On your dog.

Do you have a dog? Do you like cute things? If so, you’ve put your glasses on your dog.  It might have been today that you did that. Or maybe it wasn’t today, but your glasses have been growing on your dog, and he’s taken the initiation to improve his eyesight. Good for him, but how did he know his prescription?

dog wearing glasses

Image source: Guys With Glasses

Author bio: Michael Carper is a junior at Wabash College who enjoys colorful watches, classical music, and listing the things he enjoys.