How to Not Lose Reading Glasses (Part II of a two-part Series)

Right now on the Reading Glasses Shopper blog we’re hosting a two-part series on losing reading glasses. On Monday, we blogged about where you should look if you’ve lost your readers in Part I. Today we’ve got Part II, which provides tips on how to avoid losing your readers. Let’s get right to it:

The absolute worst part about wearing glasses is finding them, especially when you don’t wear them daily.  I can’t even find my keys, which I use multiple times per day, so how am I supposed to remember where my glasses are when I put them somewhere four days ago?  And might I add the most obvious difficulty with finding them: Anyone looking for their glasses is doing so while visually impaired! Here are a few tips on how to avoid losing your readers:

  • I cannot stress this point enough. No matter where you think you’ve put them, always check the top of your head first!  Even if they’re not there, at least you don’t feel silly when that’s the 5th place you’ve checked.  There’s nothing worse than asking someone if they’ve seen your glasses when they’re sitting atop your head, or worse, on your face.
  • For those who are just as forgetful as me in this area, you may want to invest in a reading glasses chain.  They’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and styles.  You can get a basic black nylon strap, or a more feminine beaded one that can serve as an accessory to an outfit.
  • A less conspicuous route would be to train yourself to keep them in their case, which more specifically should be kept in the same place every time.  Designate a pocket in your purse or a place on your nightstand to keep the case where it is convenient.  I often am too tired to get up and put my glasses away before falling asleep so I just leave them out on my nightstand.  A better idea is to keep the actual case right there as well so that if you read or watch television in bed, you can just reach over and put your glasses away.
  • Another helpful idea when using your glasses case is to choose one that stands out.  Look for one with a distinctive pattern or color so that you don’t have to dig through a large purse or search all over your room to find it.
  • If you still can’t seem to keep tabs on your glasses, consider a crazy quirky way to store them like these crocheted Muppet heads or this giant wooden nose. You may be a lost cause if you still can’t keep track of your glasses with these to help you out.

muppet glasses holder
While I hope these tips are helpful for the average individual, I recognize that I may be a lost cause in remembering where my keys and glasses are.  My next life goal is now to buy a puppy that I can train to find these problematic items for me.  It seems like a foolproof plan.

Author bio: Ashley is a senior at Indiana University.  She writes for Affordable Style and gets to share her love for both fashion and people as a part time manager at Express.