How to Style Your Readers 2012

These days, reading glasses are as much a serious fashion statement as they are an everyday necessity. Whether you’re the modern man, or a glamorous gal, there’s a style, shape, and color that matches just about every look in your closet. And it doesn’t matter if you’re working hard at the office, nestled on the couch reading a good book, or out to dinner with your dearest friends, you want to look your absolute best. Right?

Of course! Here are are a few ways to style your reading glasses to perfection this February:

Work Fashion

At work, you mean business, so your readers should reflect your sophisticated, sleek style without drawing too much attention away from your amazing work ethic. Keep it professional with a pair of thick-framed lenses. Actors like Simon Baker and John Hamm work the suit and nerd-chic frames, while two-toned frames on the ladies keep the pair as fresh and feminine as your vibrant blouse and handbag.

relaxed outfits

Your weekend wear is playful and easygoing, and your readers should reflect that same carefree mentality.  Sit back and browse the morning paper with a  pair of tortoise frames that complement the modern man’s trusty button down and sweater. And for women, after a long week of blazers and pantyhose, let loose with a flirty pair of animal print readers that look beyond perfect with that cardigan and  winter scarf.

What to Wear to DinnerWhile browsing the menu, keep it classy with metal details. A gentleman in a blazer and tie will look dapper in a pair of these bifocal reading glasses, while ladies will look sweet and saucy in ornate glasses with gorgeous temple detail. Just make sure that your metallic frames match the rest of your accessories (like the necklace and clutch!) to pull the look together.  And girls, don’t forget to add a pop of bright lipstick for some extra pizazz for that pout :)

And Voila! You and your readers have never looked so good.