Quotable Friday 2/10/2012

Happy Friday! It’s snowing here at the Reading Glasses Shopper office, and we’re feeling a little giddy– hey, we’ve had a warm winter, you can’t blame us for being excited! But before we run out in to the wintery goodness, we needed to share a little Friday inspiration of course. Enjoy this week’s round up of royalty, quotables, and decor!

Q: “What’s In Your Handbag, Queen Elizabeth?”
A: Reading glasses and….read the article to find out :)

Queen Elizabeth's Handbag


I agree with Julia, 100% — now I’m off to get a cookie.

Julia Child people who love to eat


If you want to raise a reader, surround them with books. I spy a few favorites on the wall…

Children's Books


Sometimes this is hard to remember, but it’s so, so true.

Life is Beautiful Quote


Love these bookmark baubles. I think I see a DIY craft in RGS’s future.