Mad Men: The Premiere and the Glasses

Mad Men CharactersMad Men fans can sleep a little easier tonight knowing their favorite show is back. The long-awaited season premier of this hit television show aired last evening, and it seems that it was well worth the wait. The buzz it created on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook had me thinking though — what is it, exactly, that makes Mad Men so wildly popular?

After chatting with friends, I decided that the show, set in the 1960s, makes viewers nostalgic for a bygone era full of beautiful dresses, neckties, cigarettes, and cocktails. In addition to this stylish and seductive front, the show focuses on actions that are frowned upon in today’s modern world.  The characters drink and smoke to excess, office relationships (and even blatant harassment) are the norm, adultery is a sport, and child neglect is the status-quo. This sort of selfish behavior is socially forbidden today, and that’s what makes the show so enticing. Once a week, viewers can slip into the past and have a little fun through the tumultuous lives of Don and Betty Draper, Pete, Trudy, Peggy, Joan, Ken, and Paul.

And speaking of fun, while I sometimes wish that having a martini at lunch was still socially acceptable, it’s the fashion that has me hooked. I love the dapper men in suits and fedoras and the brightly colored, fitted dresses the women constantly wear. The well-groomed men and women of the Don Draper world cared so much about appearances — admittedly, perhaps too much — that I’m sometimes envious of the style. Inspired by Betty’s ensembles during the premiere, I sifted through our inventory to find the perfect Mad Men-approved glasses.

Mad Men FashionPaired with with a suit and bow tie, these retro readers complete the Mad Men look.

Mad Men FashionAptly called The Betty, these cat eye reading glasses look like they were taken right off the set!

I hope you enjoy my picks. Let us know what you think of the premiere!

By +Maggie Voelker