What We’re Reading: YA Literature

This month’s What We’re Reading guest author is April from Good Books and Good Wine — a girl after my own heart. April is a lover of fiction and poetry and serves it all up on her blog in a sarcastic and highly entertaining voice. Her  successful blog is a must-see for accomplished and novice readers alike; she’s sure to have a book suggestion or bit of advice to share (see her post, “10 Reasons I Read Books,” for a hilarious example).

We managed to steal her away from her blog and busy job to give us the low-down on young adult (YA) literature. This genre has taken over bookshelves, movie theaters, and television screens, and if you’re new to YA, it’s time you get acquainted.

April from Good Books and Good Wine

Y’all, young adult (YA) literature seems to be taking the world by storm. Whether it’s boy wizards, sexy sparkling vampires, or arena death matches, I love that adults are finally checking out this awesome world of books. I think there’s a certain appeal in young adult lit that goes beyond the 13-17 year old set. I have three recommendations that I think nail precisely what is so appealing about YA to me.

Young Adult Literature Books for Teens Young Adult Books


1. Maybe you are feeling bereft after finishing The Hunger Games trilogy and aren’t sure where to go next. The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness is a great place to start. These books are filled with complex characters who walk the line between good and bad, deeper themes, and heartbreak. Todd Hewitt must decide what he stands for in a world where it is impossible to hide your innermost thoughts.

2. For beautiful writing, girl power, and summer in the Catskills with an aura of murder, check out A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. This is a book where I feel as though I could flag and highlight all of the pages. Mattie Gokey, who works at a Catskill resort during the Grace Brown murder, must decide between career and love.

3. This next book, Something Like Normal by debut author Trish Doller, comes out June 19 and is one you absolutely should add to your radar if you like contemporary/realistic reads. Doller’s book stars Travis, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, who has returned home with a case of PTSD. Doller nails the male voice in her realistic, compelling portrayal of Travis.

What do you think about April’s suggestions? Are you a YA fan or a newbie looking for a good starting point? Let us know and be sure to check out April’s awesome blog!

By +Maggie Voelker

Images courtesy of GoodReads.


  • http://www.scarves.net Molly

    April: I absolutely love your suggestions! I’ve been a YA lit fan for a while now (in the beginning, I thought I was silly to be in my 20s and reading about teens), and thank you for letting other older readers know that this genre is for everyone. Seriously–some of the best books out there (and you are right, the movies are proving it!). Can’t wait to check out all three, esp. A Northern Light. Thank you! ?