DIY Ideas for Father’s Day

Mother’s Day wasn’t too long ago, and we had an amazing roundup of DIY craft ideas for moms. It’s  time to be fair and give the same attention to those great and proud fathers in the world.  Father’s Day is this Sunday — don’t procrastinate or forget (If the men in your life are anything like my dad, you received a list a month ago of the “needs.”).

Here are some cute card and gift ideas to give your dad this Father’s Day.  Check it out!

DIY father's day card


We’re loving this folded-shirt and tie card for the savvy businessman in your life.  It’s a cute way to show your hardworking dad appreciation and love.  And maybe if you craft it well enough, it could inspire a wardrobe upgrade!

Pasta Card


I mustache you to show your father some love with this clever use of bow-tie pasta.  So cute and adorable — and maybe with the extra pasta you can make dinner for your dad.

Fathers Day Apron


The grill is man’s second best friend.  Let your dad be king of the grill with this unique, handcrafted apron. This craft is as simple as cutting the felt shapes and gluing them on a plain white apron!

Mini Toolbox


A cute idea for the handyman in your life is these tiny, handmade toolboxes. These little guys are made of Altoid tins and are perfect for storing items like nuts and bolts.

Reading Glasses

The Astor Reading Glasses

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our amazing selection of men’s reading glasses.  I think this is the perfect gift for the man who doesn’t like to shop!

Regardless of your gift, just show some love to your dad this Sunday. Happy Father’s Day from Reading Glasses Shopper!


The Reading Glasses Crew