5 Things to Do with Your Grown-up Kids

When your kids were little it was easy to plan activities for them. A simple trip to the park would do and a day at the zoo would blow their minds. However, once your children hit 18 and up, it just is not as simple to think of something to do. Bonding with your children is important no matter their age, which is why we created this list of five summer activities you can do with your older children. After all, they are still your babies.

1. Spa Day

A great mother/daughter bonding activity perfect for summer is a day at the spa. You can enjoy some relaxing time getting facials, manicures, and massages — and leave feeling renewed and ready to show off your summer skin.

mother daughter spa day

2. Give Back

Now that your children are older, they better understand the importance of giving back to their communities. Hit up a local animal shelter and walk the dogs. It is a great way to bond as a family and give the animals some fresh air on a beautiful summer day. Who knows, maybe someone will leave with a new addition to their family!

3. Get Active

Exercise is good for people of all ages. Find a trail to hike, go on a family bike road, or rent some paddle boats. Maybe afterwards, you could plan a family picnic. This is a healthy bonding experience.

4. Movie Night

Grab dinner somewhere and then head to a movie. Or, make it a fun night in by ordering some pizza and watching your family favorites at home. Other entertainment ideas include playing board games or going to a play or comedy club. Another fun idea would be to all cook dinner and dessert together at home before popping in a movie.

5. Baseball Time

Summer would not be summer without spending some days at the ballpark. Find a game to go to together, whether it be minor league, major league, or even little league! Enjoy ballpark food and being together.

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to make lifelong memories with your loved ones this summer. Do you have any special bonding activities you like to do with your older children? Let us know!

Image source: Daily Glow