Style Spotlight: Deciphering Your “Frame Personality”

Awhile back, we created this amazing guide: Framed: A Spectacle Spectrum of Glasses Personalities. You see, we’ve found that all frames are certainly not equal, especially when choosing a pair that is as one-of-a-kind as you.

We’ve taken a closer look at five of our favorite frame personalities — and dished on our favorite look-alike readers straight from our store.

The Librarian

Okay, so maybe you aren’t well-versed with the card catalogue, but you are quite the intellectual! From corporate professionals to retired empty-nesters, attributes of The Librarian are far-encompassing — ranging from reserved to lively and daring. The Josephine readers are a perfect mix of fun and practicality. Actresses Meryl Streep and Megan Mullally are often spotted in cute, librarian-style cat eyes much like these!

My frame personality: The Librarian

The Hipster

Do you break the mold with your unique personality? Do you like to try new things and be different? If so, then you may fit into The Hipster category! From sunglasses to reading glasses, retro square frames are a trend made popular by some of Hollywood’s hippest stars over 40! From Jennifer Aniston to Brad Pitt, frames much like The Beckman are your ideal style!

My frame personality: The Hipster

The Scholar

Are you an avid listener of NPR Radio, a reader of BusinessWeek, or a fan of PBS programs? The Scholar is always eager to learn and doesn’t have time to fuss with impractical eyewear. The Magnum readers are comfortable and stylish, and are a popular style with well-established thespians including Ted Danson, who is rarely seen without his handy readers, and Maggie Smith!

 My frame personality: The Scholar

The Artist

The Artist sees beauty at every turn, with an optimism that is both refreshing and inspirational. With an investigative and adventurous side, The Actor Bi-Focal reading glasses are your go-to frames for functionality and style. Johnny Depp and Tom Brokaw are notorious for wearing frames nearly identical to this affordable style!

My frame personality: The Artist

The Outlaw

No one tells The Outlaw what to do — or what glasses to wear! Opting for an edgy yet practical style, like that of Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, and Pierce Brosnan, aviators are a perfect match for your outgoing personality. The Pierce offers the typical sunglasses frame with the functionality of a reader.

My frame style: The Outlaw