7 Reading Glasses Inspired by Classic Holiday Movies

The tree’s been lit, the cookies are cooling, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care (with time to spare)! Why not treat yourself to a little downtime before the guests arrive? Curl up on the couch, pop in a festive flick, and take some time to relax before the family gatherings begin once again.

Glasses in Holiday Movies

Not sure where to start? Simply check off this list of holiday classics (and watch the trailers!) — all featuring a fine, frame-wearing character or two! Who knows, maybe they’’ll even inspire your new winter spec style:

It’s A Wonderful Life

The tale of George Bailey is a holiday classic to be watched again and again. Filled with humor, heartwarming spirit, and sophisticated round spectacles, this timeless film is a must-see each holiday season.

Round Frames inspired by It's a Wonderful Life

Grab It’s a Wonderful Life-inspired frames here!


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

There’s no better way to celebrate your dysfunctional family than by watching the Griswold family’s Christmas shenanigans. While we could do without his antics at our seasonal celebration, we are slightly jealous of Clark’s retro square glasses.

Retro Square Reading Glasses

Grab National Lampoon’s-inspired frames here!


Love Actually

This modern romantic comedy shows just how complicated love can be, especially during the holidays. Throw in a star-studded cast and some seriously stylish oversized readers, and you’ve got yourself a holiday classic in the making.

Retro square inspired by Love Actually

Grab Love Actually-inspired frames here!


Miracle on 34th Street

Whether you’re a fan of the original or the 1994 remake, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the story of Susan and her unshakable faith in Old Saint Nick (and his half frame readers, of course).

half frame reading glasses

Grab Miracle on 34th Street-inspired frames here!


A Christmas Story

Oh, the famous leg lamp, the pink bunny suit, the tongue-to-frozen-pole antics, and the Red Ryder scene — there’s just nothing like this crazy holiday classic. Who knew nine-year-old Ralphie could make such a style statement in a pair of round thick-framed readers?

Ralphie-inspired frames from A Christmas Story

Grab A Christmas Story-inspired frames here!


The Holiday

This modern classic from 2006 follows two heartbroken women who find love during the holidays — while staying in each other’s homes! We love this romantic comedy — and especially Jude Law’s handsome specs.

Readers inspired by The Holiday

Grab The Holiday-inspired frames here!


The Polar Express

A classic children’s book turned into a gorgeous animated movie — what could be better? This story is all about believing (and we believe in Tom Hanks’ cartoon version of metal half frame readers, too)!

Polar Express inspired readers

Grab The Polar Express-inspired frames here!

Which classic flick is a holiday staple in your household? Tell us on Facebook!

Video sources: youtube.com

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This week, we’re excited to bring you a craft that involves our very own readers! Donatella from inspiration&realisation recently transformed our Madden glasses (with the help of  a few nail heads and a lot of creativity) into this pair of star-studded frames:


See how she did it, and learn to stud your own readers by visiting the tutorial on her blog.


Happy crafting!

How to Build a Bento Box!


From step-by-step tutorials to helpful hints, the Readers.com family is always up for trying new things. Join us each month as we consult the experts in fields ranging from social media to antique hunting in our Hobbies & How To’s series, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way! 

We recently had the chance to talk with Marine mom, blogger, and expert bento box builder April about living abroad and how to master the art of bento box-making. Get to know April in our interview below and learn how to make a bento box of your very own. (And don’t forget to check out her blog while you’re at it!)

Back to school bento box

Could you give a brief introduction to our readers about you, your family, and  your interests?

April: My name is April, and I’m a wife to a Marine and mommy to a three-year-old diva, Amelia. We love to travel, spend time outdoors, and enjoy family time.

You and your family are currently living in Japan. What do you like and dislike about living there?

April: We love living in Japan! It’s so vastly different from living in America. Everyone is kind to each other (even during rush hour!) and there is little to no crime rate in Okinawa.  The shopping is so fun — everything is bright, colorful, and novel. It’s been an adventure getting around with our very limited Japanese, but it seems that no matter where you go in the world, charades is a well-known form of communication!

Floral bento box

You make bento boxes for your daughter and share them on your blog. What inspired you to start making them?

April: My daughter attends a Japanese Montessori preschool and is required to bring a snack each day (in addition to her catered lunch). I was originally just tossing a few pre-packaged snacks in her backpack but kept finding them buried in the bottom of her bag at the end of the day. I decided to box them up in a bento box (still packaged!) so they would stay together on top of her school belongings and she wouldn’t miss out on a snack. Slowly, I started adding in fresh fruits and unpackaged snacks like we normally eat at home. Alas, a bento obsession was born.

How to make a bento box

How do you make a bento box? And, are there any tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind while making them?

April: A bento box is a Japanese style for packing a single serving of food. Boxes come in a variety of sizes, from tiny little 200 mL boxes and up to over 600 mL for larger meals.  Since I only send a snack for my daughter each day, we tend to favor the smaller sizes. I am frequently asked how everything stays put inside the box once it’s packed. The idea is to pack the box as high and tight as possible so things don’t even have room to move about once the lid is snapped on!  One of my best pieces of advice for an eye-pleasing bento box is to use a variety of color, sizes, and shapes throughout the foods you pack together.

Bunny bento box

Will Amelia ever eat from a non-bento again?

April: Amelia is already spoiled rotten as an only child. Even now on the weekends, she refuses her lunch unless it has a giraffe fork or star-shaped cheese!

Bento box snack

You also own your own Etsy shop with many unique, handmade products. How did you get started crafting these, and what are some of you favorite sellers?

April: My handmade shop, Marine Parents, is how everything started (it’s mainly my handmade customers purchasing bento products from my bento shop!).

Several years ago, my husband mentioned in passing that he knew how to sew. Of course, I immediately put him to work making me anything I could think of. I began selling the items he was sewing on Etsy, but he didn’t have much time to keep a stock for me as he was already working full-time on base with the Marine Corps. He showed me the basics, I gave up, started again, gave up. After months of frustration and practice, I mastered my first project — a dSLR camera strapcover that is still sewn and sold in my shop, as one of the best-selling items.  I’ve never looked back since then.

I love the challenge of customized orders and learning to expand my hands-on knowledge behind a sewing machine.  Some of my favorite sellers — Little Wellies, Bubblewrappd, Three Little Bird Shop, and Yarn Bombed Antlers!

Thanks again to April for taking the time to talk with us! Be sure to check out Marine Parents Blog, connect with April on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.