Can’t Sleep? Find Out if You Should Wear Amber-Tinted Glasses

We’re always looking for tips to help us stay energized and we love sharing our finds with our dedicated readers! In 2013, Dr. Oz did a segment on the “Top Three Energy Solutions” and one solution really stuck out to us–wearing orange or amber-tinted glasses. But how can wearing tinted glasses help you feel energized? It all starts with being able to fall asleep. Here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of Amber-Tinted Glasses on Energy

What is melatonin?

Let’s start with the basics. Melatonin is a naturally-produced hormone that helps control your sleep-wake cycle. In the evening and throughout the night, melatonin levels rise, signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep. Although melatonin has earned the nickname “the sleep hormone”, it also has several other benefits, including its antioxidant properties. Keep this in mind as you read about blue light and its effects.

What is blue light?

Blue light has a short wavelength and high energy. Because of its brightness, blue light is used in electronic devices–televisions, computers, tablets, and mobile phones–and fluorescent lighting. While we may enjoy spending time in from of our screens, we often don’t realize that this light might be what’s keeping us up at night. Blue light slows the production of melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep at bedtime. Worse yet, blue light is so powerful that it can impact more than just our sleep schedules.

So, where do these tinted glasses come in?

It’s no surprise that getting a good night’s sleep is key to feeling energized. In addition to avoiding screen time while you’re in bed, wearing amber-tinted glasses for a few hours leading up to bedtime can help you fall asleep. This is because amber lenses block out blue light emitted from electronic devices, which prevents the production of melatonin from slowing down and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Yellow-tinted computer readers can also help block out light rays that could be causing headaches and eyestrain from too much screen time. For more on the benefits of computer readers, click here.

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Autumn Activities + Glasses to Match

A light breeze and colorful leaves bring autumn to mind, and as the seasons start to change, many take the opportunity to get together with friends and family to make lasting memories. Some of these fall activities may require reading glasses for ample enjoyment — but luckily, we know where you can get a few!

Take a look at our newest arrivals — they’re perfect for any autumnal occasion!

favorite fall activities

Fall Baking

When a chill hits the air, it seems to awaken our inner pastry chef. From apple pie to pumpkin bread, your decadent options are endless. Unfortunately, misreading the recipe or ingredient labels can lead to disaster! With a pair of our Third Avenue readers, you’ll be ready to start baking!

Watching Television

With temperatures cooling down, chances are you’re spending your free time curled up on the couch in anticipation of the next episode of your favorite television series. Whether you’re tuning in for your favorite show or cheering on your team through the big screen, glasses like The Edinburgh Folding Reader make the activity more enjoyable and less strenuous on the eyes.

Pumpkin Carving

There’s no quicker way to upset your grandchildren than by ruining their prized jack-o’-lantern! To ensure that you clearly cut along the traced lines, pop on a pair of readers like The Paoli Flexible Reader. Crisis averted!

Online Shopping

It’s never too early to start shopping for the people on your list. Holiday shopping can be a headache of its own, and squinting while you browse the web can make it even worse! The Mooresville reader is a practical and affordable solution. Consider this purchase a gift for yourself!


Whether you’ve been tasked with sewing your grandchild’s Halloween costume or have a knack for knitting cold-weather accessories, eye strain is something to be avoided. Our playful Lesley readers will simplify the task and make your work perfection!

Attending a Fall Festival

In between the autumn showers, we often get bright and sunny fall days. Spend the rest of your free days this fall taking an adventure to the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, or a local fall festival. To protect your eyes from the sun, while still being able to read signage, maps, and menus, invest in a pair of reading sunglasses like the Upland Bifocal Sun Reader.

What fall activities are you looking forward to the most? We’d love to hear about it — share with us on Facebook!

Save For College (While in College) — Tips for You and Your Student

Money-Saving Tips for College

You’’ve just sent your baby away to college, and now you’re wondering how you will ever afford the next four years. Just because you have an empty nest, doesn’’t mean you should have an empty wallet! There are a number of things you (and your student) can do to save money during this not-so affordable, yet rewarding, time.

How You Can Save:

Eat In

Whether you have other children at home or are on your own once again, a great way to save money is to eat in, rather than out. Think it’s cheaper to grab a hamburger on the way home from work? Making a bigger meal at home can feed you for days, not to mention the benefits to your waistline.

Rethink Your Necessities

You might have had all the channels under the sun when your child was home, but do you really need them now? Whether you cancel cable altogether or simply rethink your package, this is a great place to save money. Other luxuries such as trips to the specialty coffee house and shopping on the weekends are other great places to save. Cut out what you don’t need and reap the savings!

How Your Student Can Save:

Buy Used Texbooks/Buy Online Versions

Textbooks will likely become your child’’s best friend as he or she navigates college. Important, yet not-so affordable, these necessities can be purchased used or in an electronic format for a much lower cost. Avoid the school bookstore and shop online whenever possible to save significantly!

Get a Job On Campus

Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm your student, but it is important that they help out however possible. Whether they participate in a work-study program or work part-time off campus, this is a great way to earn cash, learn time management skills, and become more responsible as they grow from teen to adult.

Eat In

Your student may be tempted to eat pizza and fast food every night, but if you have to sacrifice, your student can do the same. While not the most appetizing, ramen noodles and PB&J are quick, cheap, and store easily. Clipping coupons is another great way to save on groceries!

Use Public Transportation

While your student may whine and moan about going without a car, they may thank you later as they experience significant savings. Walking, carpooling, and the taking bus are great ways to save on gas and the maintenance costs that come with having a vehicle on campus — not to mention astronomical parking pass fees.

Take Advantage of Student ID Savings

The student ID is a great source of savings! From shopping to food and entertainment, you may be surprised at how many places accept this form of identification as a tool for discounts. Your student’s school website should have information on the many places where the ID can be used and the discounts you can receive as a result.

You may be surprised at how much you can save with a few simple changes. Don’t sweat over your tighter budget. Enjoy this important time in your child’s life. And hey, once the tears have subsided — celebrate! Freedom at last!


8 Summer Reading Nooks to Recreate

There’s something magical about reading a good book in the summertime. And the only thing better than an excellent read is adding a peaceful ambiance to help you lose yourself in the story. While you may have seen indoor reading nooks created in small spaces under the stairs or in closets, this summer, we’re infatuated with the outdoor versions, too. From permanent structures to temporary escapes, backyard nooks are the new home must-have!

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1. The Shed Nook

DIY Shed Nook

This wooden nook by Daily Mirror looks conducive to some good reading! You can turn your backyard shed into a cozy lounge with a few quick fixes.

2. The Hammock Nook

Hammock Nook

Ready to curl up in the shade with your favorite author? We’re loving blogger Stephanie Lynn’s hammock creation this summer. Add your own personal touch with colorful pillows and throw blankets.

3. The Tent Nook

Draped, Grassy Reading Nook

A reading nook doesn’t have to be a permanent structure! Create something simple for the day by hanging a flowing sheet from a tree and situating some pillows and cushions on the ground, similar to this one from Apartment Therapy.

4. The Pool Nook

Pool Nook

Sigh. We could surely fall asleep reading a book and listening to the lull of the water in this outdoor space! Visit Southern Living for tips on how to add the finishing touches to your poolside escape.

5. The Garden Nook

Garden Nook

Do you love to garden? Then definitely take a break from the real world and relax among your blooms and berries in this nook by Apartment Therapy. You can get lost in your tale while surrounded by greenery and the smell of flowers or ripe produce.

6. The Swinging Nook

Waterfront Reading Nook

Live on a lake? This amazing reading nook is less of a nook and more of a swing. Can you imagine swaying in the breeze while reading a best seller? Paradise. Check it out here.

7. The Lounging Nook

Lounging Nook

House to Home brings us another great example of a temporary reading nook that’s perfect for relaxing in the shade. The dreamy white creates an ambiance that is perfect for a romantic novel or science fiction love story.

8. The Rustic Nook

Rustic Reading Nook

This small shelter, spotted by Simon Griffiths, is ideal for reading in the summer, with plenty of shade, airflow, and light for after dusk, when you just can’t put your book down. This can also act as an outdoor sitting area or a space for entertaining guests.

Which reading nook is just right for you? Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration!


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10 Summer Must-Haves for the Home

Must make, must eat, must drink, must do!

With so much fun to be had this summer, it’s hard to know where to start making plans! Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, a few weekend mini-trips, or just have local festivities to partake in, it’s always fun to take a step back from your busy-bee tendencies and enjoy time at home. To give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite “summer must-haves” for your home and family to enjoy this season!

summer decor and food DIYs

1. Teacup Bird Feeder

DIY projects are all the rage in the summertime! Get outdoors, gather your tools, and try your hand at a craft for nature, like this teacup bird feeder. This DIY helps you think outside of the box and gives you a chance to repurpose household items, too.

2. Q-tip Flowers

On a rainy summer day, it’s always fun to take on a crafty project! Grab the kids and gather ’round the kitchen table to make these adorable Q-tip flowers to brighten up the house.

3. Chevron Stencil Stool

Add some color and pattern to boring furniture pieces with a fun chevron furniture makeover. It’s simple and is highly in-style for home decor this season!

4. Outdoor Bunting

Want to add something festive to an outdoor space? Spruce up your deck with this outdoor bunting. With so many fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

5. Chair Planter

Looking for another outdoor project? This chair planter is both simple and unique! A quick trip to the thrift shop and hardware store will likely leave you prepared to take this project from start to finish.

6. Strawberries + Ginger Ale

From backyard barbecues to summer evenings spent lounging on the patio, it’s always nice to have a refreshing drink in hand. We love the idea of adding fresh fruit to our favorite beverages, such as strawberries in ginger ale!

7. Fruit Salad

No summer feast is complete without a sweet fruit salad! Rather than simply cutting up fruits and tossing them in a bowl, look around for simple tricks to add to your concoction such as honey, juice, or even pudding mix!

8. Patriotic Wreath 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day —  and all that’s in between (don’t forget Independence Day!) — summer is all about celebrating our American heritage and all of our favorite summer traditions. Show some spirit and add colorful decoration to your home’s exterior with a homemade wreath!

9. Backyard BBQ

No summer is complete without a barbeque! Whether it’s a small dinner or a family gathering, these events allow you to indulge in your favorite summer delicacies while spending time with friends and loved ones. For table decor inspiration, be sure to study up on this spread!

10. Homemade Popsicles 

Whether you have children or not, popsicles are a summer treat to be enjoyed by all. Rather than buying the usual from the store, why not make a few delicious popsicles of your very own?

What’s your favorite way to usher in the summer?


P.S. Looking for ideas for fall, too? We’ve got you covered here!