Get the Look: Winter Wear for the Holidays

The Holiday Collection is a curation of our best-selling readers and stylist picks for the winter season. Check out how some of our favorite style bloggers incorporated readers from our Holiday Collection into their winter looks. The best part — now you have an outfit for every holiday get-together this year!

Winter fashion must-haves

Outfit for Casual Dinner Party

We love how Dawn of Fashion Should Be Fun mixed patterns in this look. It’s a fun and playful outfit that’s perfect for a casual holiday outing. Chances are you have lots of dinner parties planned with friends and family over the next few months. This outfit is a great go-to, but don’t forget to pack your readers so you can clearly read the menu! Dawn chose the Ivy League Bifocal in black and tortoise to complete her look.

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Outfit for Sunday Brunch

Brunch is the perfect time to catch up and celebrate the season with friends, especially if your nights are booked. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stop wearing bright colors and floral prints. We love Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust‘s cold-weather ensemble. Don’t forget to throw a pair of readers in your bag (Debbie chose The Brit readers for her purse companion). Grab a coat on your way out the door, too!

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Outfit for a Night In

Sometimes the best winter nights are spent cozied up by the fire with the company of your closest friends and family. The best part? You don’t have to overthink what you’re going to wear! Go for something comfortable (and keep a pair of booties close by in case you end up outside the house). With her oversized fringe sweater and a pair of our Bookworm readers, Dawn of Fashion Should Be Fun knows exactly how to dress for a night in.

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Outfit for a Gift Exchange

Whether you’re hosting a Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange this year, you want your look to feel both casual and trendy. You’ll be set with a winter vest, plaid shirt, and pair of booties. Brett of Silvergirl totally nailed this look! We love how she dressed it up with a pearl statement necklace and accessorized with our Ivy League Bifocals in tortoise.

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Outfit for Coffee Shop Date

Grab a coffee or hot chocolate at your local coffee shop, and don’t forget to bring your favorite holiday book to relax with or invite a girlfriend for a morning chat. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, your go-to white blouse, a classy (and warm) coat, and of course, The Dean readers for a scholarly look. Kristin of Highland Fashionista‘s simple look is perfect for a quick coffee shop get-together.

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What’s on your holiday calendar, and most importantly, what’s your go-to outfit? Let us know on Facebook! Visit our Holiday Collection for the season’s most popular reading glasses and sun readers.


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Holiday Traditions Old & New to Try This Year

The stockings are hung, the gifts wrapped, and the menu planned. But when it comes to making the most out of the holiday season, it’s the time spent with loved ones that makes us merriest this time of year.

Whether you’re looking for all-new activities for the whole family or simply refreshing your tried-and-true holiday plans, grab some inspiration from our list of holiday traditions to try!

Holiday traditions to try this year

  1. Explore the lights around your city (don’t forget the hot cocoa!)
  2. Write letters to each other, seal them, and wait to read them until the holidays next year
  3. Have a pajama party and holiday movie marathon
  4. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies together
  5. Set up a food/drink bar (try cheese displays and a make-your-own Bloody Mary stand!)
  6. Volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen
  7. Host a white elephant gift exchange
  8. Count down to Christmas by unwrapping a holiday book each day of December
  9. Purchase a new unique ornament each year
  10. Have a gingerbread house competition
  11. Go ice skating and head to an outdoor rink if you have one near you
  12. Buy matching PJs for the family to wear on Christmas morning (this makes for great photos!)
  13. Camp out in front of the tree for a night, share holiday stories, and eat sweet treats
  14. Assign everyone a different line and sing “The 12 Days of Christmas” (make sure to catch it on video!)
  15. Reminisce over 2015 with your family and reflect on how you’d like to grow

How do you celebrate the season each year? Share your traditions with us on Facebook!

How Color Affects Mood: Glasses Edition

Color psychology tells us that different colors can evoke different emotions and impact mood. After taking a look at the color wheel, we’ve come up with a list of colors you should wear to influence and show off your mood.

Psychology of Color for Reading Glasses


Red Reading GlassesPowerful, passionate, and determined. Red tends to attract attention. If you’re looking for a boost of energy or you’re feeling assertive, reading glasses in a shade of red are a fitting choice.

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Pink Readers for WomenLight-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. Since the color pink symbolizes affection, it’s best worn in situations where you’re focused on listening, caring, and empathizing. So whether you’re coaching a friend or counseling your children, you’ll want your pink readers.

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Orange Reading Glasses

Energetic, confident, and creative. Orange is inviting, making it one of the top choices for social settings. It’s also creative, lending itself to your artsy side. Heading to a get-together or sitting down to journal? Don’t forget your orange pair.

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Yellow Reading SunglassesCheerful, positive, and whimsical. Yellow is that friend who always looks at the glass half full. Your yellow readers signal you don’t take life too seriously and you’re here to have fun.

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Green Flexible Frame ReaderGrowth, luck, and security. Green has multiple personalities–it’s Mother Nature’s favorite, representing freshness and restoration, but it’s also strongly associated with success and ambition. Whether you’re in the mood for relaxation or you’re on a mission, green can keep up.

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Printed Blue Reading GlassesPeaceful, loyal, and focused. Blue takes the trophy for most popular. It’s immediately calming, but it also increases productivity, order, and efficiency. Your blue glasses are the optimal pair for work.

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Purple Reading Glasses
Unique, royal, and prosperous. There’s something regal, majestic, and romantic about the color purple. Black tie event? Fancy dinner date? Grab your purple readers and you’re set.

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Discover the five basic reading glasses everyone should have in their collection by clicking here. Then, find a pair for your mood every day of the week by clicking here.

7 for 7: Reading Glasses for Every Day of the Week

Let’s face it–you feel different waking up on Monday than you do on Saturday morning. Different moods call for different frames. We’ve created a list of reading glasses to help you tackle each day of the week.

Readers for Days of the Week


Women's Purple Eyeglasses

You’ve got a case of the Mondays. But, don’t worry. All you need is a little pick-me-up. A pair of colorful glasses will do the trick.

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Round Reading GlassesYou mean business. You’re in the groove and ready for a productive week. Sophisticated round readers are a fitting choice for the day.

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Leopard Cat Eye Readers

You’re all smiles today. After all, it’s Wednesday. You need readers that are as happy as you are. Plus, they need to be able to tag along to half-priced wine night!

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Retro Square Reading Glasses

Similar to Tuesday, you’re looking forward to an ultra productive day. Choose oversized frames to channel your inner brain power and head into Friday feeling accomplished.

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Two-Tone Cat Eye Readers

TGIF. Put your fancy pants on because tonight’s the night for a nice dinner out. An upswept cat eye says you’re ready for a good time.

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Round Tinted Reading Sunglasses

There’s no better feeling than waking up on Saturday morning. Gardening, soaking up the sun, going on a bike ride–Mother Nature is your best friend today. You’ll want a pair of sun readers to tackle the day.

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Yellow Lens Computer Readers

Sunday is meant for relaxing. Who says you can’t stay in your PJs all day? Definitely not us. Whether you’re cuddling up in front of the TV or working on your computer, you’ll want a pair of computer readers.

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In case you missed it, we’ve got the scoop on the five pairs of reading glasses you need to start building your collection. Check out the list here.