2015 Holiday Gifts for 40-Somethings

To keep you sane this season, we’ve scoured the Internet and polled each age group for the best gifts of the year for every budget. 

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For the 40-somethings on your list, give them items to make their busy lives easier and more comfortable. Check out our favorite gift picks of the season! 

10 Best Holiday Gifts for 40-Somethings

  1. Cashmere scarf
  2. Philosophy gift set
  3. Keurig 2.0 K450 brewing system
  4. Martha Stewart cookbook
  5. Bar cart
  6. Mason jar cookies
  7. Amazon gift card
  8. Kindle Paperwhite
  9. iPhone case
  10. Multi-View Computer Readers Style #65 (or shop a low-cost version here)

Giving glasses as gifts this year? Use our easy guide here or grab a Readers.com gift card, instead. 


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2015 Holiday Gifts for Teens

To keep you sane this season, we’ve scoured the Internet and polled each age group for the best gifts of the year for every budget.

Shop for: Teens | 20-Somethings | 30-Somethings | 40-Somethings

For the teens on your list, give them something that makes them feel cool, fuels their creativity, or humors their love for music. Check out our top 10 gift picks for the 2015 holiday season!

10 Best Holiday Gifts for Teens

  1. iPhone case
  2. Spotify subscription
  3. Flannel shirt
  4. Bath & Body Works moisturizer
  5. Birchbox subscription
  6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera
  7. Plaid infinity scarf
  8. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9 LE shoes
  9. Beats headphones
  10. Starbucks gift card (send e-gift card or pick up in store)


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2015 Holiday Gifts for 20-Somethings

To keep you sane this season, we’ve scoured the Internet and polled each age group for the best gifts of the year for every budget. 

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For the 20-somethings on your list, give them nicer items they would love but can’t spend money on while trying to figure out rent and other ins-and-outs of the real world. Check out our favorite gifts of the season!

10 Best Holiday Gifts for 20-Somethings

  1. Duvet cover
  2. Printed sweater
  3. Bobbi Brown mascara
  4. MVMT watch
  5. Metallic printed glassware
  6. Bucket bag
  7. Hybrid bike
  8. Kate Spade coffee mug
  9. Record player
  10. Noise canceling headphones


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2015 Holiday Gifts for 30-Somethings

To keep you sane this season, we’ve scoured the Internet and polled each age group for the best gifts of the year for every budget. 

Shop for: Teens | 20-Somethings | 30-Somethings | 40-Somethings

For the 30-somethings on your list, give them items that make them feel special (and a little luxurious) after working long hours at the office and chasing after little ones. Check out our top 10 picks of the season!

10 Best Holiday Gifts for 30-Somethings

  1. Plaid scarf
  2. Alex and Ani bangle
  3. Avocado saver
  4. North Face jacket
  5. Apple watch
  6. Fur throw blanket
  7. Bath & Body Works candle
  8. West Elm gift card
  9. Leather gloves
  10. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist


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Books to Love: 7 All-Time Favorites


At Readers.com, we love a good, can’t-put-down book — or maybe even a whole library full of them. From fan favorites and must-read lists to up-and-coming authors, we’ve interviewed the greatest literary enthusiasts around. So what exactly is on their nightstand? Read on to find out, and be sure to check back regularly for the latest page-turning talk. 

Our latest What’s On My Nighstand? highlight is Tiffany of Book Cover Justice. Tiffany is a book enthusiast and blogger who loves reading everything from Young Adult and Chick Lit to Crime and Suspense. Take a look at the books that’ve made her must list of all-time favorites, and be sure to curl up with each one of these for the first time (or read them again and again)! With hits like these, you’re sure to find a book to fall in love with.

Books to Fall in Love with

1. The Dogs of Babel

The Dogs of Babel is one of my favorite books of all time. I know that the idea of teaching a dog to talk sounds a little ridulous, but it doesn’t come off that way at all. Inside these pages is a heart-breakingly sad story of a man desperate to learn what happened to his wife. You will ache for him as he tries to figure out what went wrong, and you will want to hug your dog for hours after turning the last page.

2. The Hunger Games

I know, this is on everyone’s list, right? This book is special to me for many reasons. Aside from being just an asbolutely fantastic story, this is also the first Young Adult book I ever read. I only picked it up because I just couldn’t stand hearing about the series everywhere and not having a clue what people were talking about. I wanted to see what all the hype was for myself, so I gave it a read. Ever since then, I can’t get enough of dystopian or Young Adult books. It honestly changed my life.

3. Dance With the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss

This is the unfortunate true story of Dave and Kate Bagby’s struggle with the murder of their son and the struggle to gain custody of their grandson. There’s a documentary about this case called Dear Zachary which absolutely destroyed me. This book is written by the father of the murder victim and chronicles their battle with the Canadian goverment and with the murderer herself. No other case has ever affected me as much as this one. I highly recommend watching the documentary and reading this book. But keep a large supply of tissues nearby — you will need them.

4. The Opposite of Me

Any girl who has a sister knows what it’s like to bicker and fight and even compete with each other. What I loved about The Opposite of Me was that both women were struggling in their perceived position in the family and never thought to discuss it with the other. I thought this was a truly touching story of friendship and sisterhood.

5. Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is the story of two women, Rachel and Darcy, and their lifelong friendship and shared love interest, Dex. What struck me most about this book was the relationship between Rachel and Darcy; it was kind of a love/hate friendship. I was immediately sucked into this book because I, too, had a friend like Darcy who had to compete with everything I did. I struggled with the loss of that friendship, and this book really helped bring out some perspective. That, and it is pretty hilarious.

6. Drowning Instinct

It has been over a year and a half since I read this book, and it still continues to linger in my mind. It’s the story of a teenage girl who enters a relationship with a teacher and the impact that relationship has on both of their lives. This book left my jaw wide open and hanging on the floor. It makes you rethink anything you think you know about these kind of relationships and leaves you desperate for more.

7. Still Missing

Chevy Stevens can make you turn the pages faster than any other author. Still Missing, her first novel, is one of the best suspense novels I have ever read. I am a little obsessed with kidnapping stories and true crime (like I mentioned before), and even though this was a work of fiction, it didn’t read that way. I was shocked by a twist that I didn’t see coming — and that doesn’t happen to me very often. If you love mysteries, this is a must read!

A special thanks to Tiffany for curating this collection of must-reads for us. Love what you read from this list? Be sure to reach out to Tiffany on Twitter and let us know on Facebook! #booklove

Image source: www.goodreads.com