Fall Fashion 2016: Which Trends to Wear

Although we’re sad that summer is officially coming to a close, we would be lying if we told you that we’re not a little excited for fall. Even if you’re not a fan of the colder weather and shorter days, fall is, at the very least, an excuse to update your wardrobe. Below are a few fall fashion trends of 2016 that we think are both stylish and wearable.

1. Velvet

velvet fall 2016

Velvet is back and we couldn’t be more excited. That being said, make sure not to overdo it — instead try a velvet skirt or a pair of velvet heels. Subtlety is key.

Featured pair: The Quincy

2. Dusty Pink and Yellow

fall pink and yellowBelieve it or not, the combination of pink and yellow is a fall trend in 2016! If you’re worried that the colors are too bright for fall, try toning it down with some black accents (that’s not cheating, we promise).

Featured pair: The Honey

3. Plaid Coats

plaid coat fall trend 2016Plaid is making a comeback — in jacket-form! Over the past couple of years we’ve seen plaid patterns emerge in tops and accessories, and this year we’re excited to see it bigger than it’s been in a while. We recommend pairing plaid coats with an eloquent, classy look.

Featured pair: The Sundae

4. Burnt Red and Tan

fall burnt red

One of the biggest colors this fall will be a burnt red. Although we paired this trend with tan and black, the red is actually slightly dull and neutral, which means that it can be combined with plenty of other bold colors as well. Experiment with brighter colors and neutral colors to see which you personally prefer.

Featured pair: The Laura

5. Fall Florals

fall floralsIf you thought florals were just for spring, think again. These darker, bolder colors bring a certain edge and style to the femininity that is often felt when wearing floral designs. Sounds like a perfect combination to us!

Featured readers: The Gemma

5 Reading Glasses Trends To Try This Season

Fashion trends, whether they be colors, clothing, or accessories, come and go from season to season. Our reading glasses are no exception! And while we certainly have classic readers that will always be in style, we also have pairs that are a little more fashion-forward. If you’re looking to make a statement this season, check out these 5 reading glasses trends that will keep you stylish in the upcoming months.

1. Two Tone Frames

Twice the color, twice the fun. If you’re looking to add a little zest to your wardrobe, but don’t want to experiment with crazy shapes or textures, two tone frames might be of interest to you. Flaunting classic shapes, our two tone readers are a fun and wearable trend to try.

two tone round readers

Shop The Flamingo
multi colored reading glasses
Shop The Garden

2. Mixed Material Frames

Who says plastic and metal don’t go together? One of our favorite reading glasses trends this season is mixed material frames — reading glasses that contain two or more materials. If you’re looking for a more modern, polished look, then you’ll love our mixed material readers.

mixed material readers

Shop The Emerald
metal and plastic reading glasses
Shop The Wisteria

3. Printed Frames

If you thought prints were just for scarves and wallpaper, guess again. From floral to marble, our printed readers are quickly becoming a customer favorite, and rightfully so. To lighten up any outfit, try a pair of our wide variety of printed reading glasses.

marble reading glasses

Shop The Hibiscus
buttercupShop The Buttercup

4. Retro-Inspired Frames

Look familiar? One trend that we’ve been seeing in reading glasses is the resurgence of retro style glasses. From wiry metals readers, to bold thick frames, our retro-inspired reading glasses are a playful nod to the past.

wiry reading glasses

Shop The Alchemy
retro square sun readersShop The Topaz Sun Reader

5. Gadget Reading Glasses

Reading glasses of the 21st century! Not only are these modern readers stylish, they’re also extremely convenient. Two frames we think you’ll find handy are The Anchor, which flaunts a detachable neck cord, and The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Sun Reader, a style that uses magnets to connect polarized lenses!

gadget reading glasses

Shop The Anchor
magnetic polarized sun reader
Shop The Peace Sun Reader

8 Must-Have Sun Reader Styles For Summer

It’s a Sunday afternoon — you have all the time in the world to relax. The sun is shining, with few clouds in the sky. It’s a little warm, but that’s okay because the wind is blowing just enough to keep you cool. Voila, it’s picturesque reading weather! You decide to sit by the pool and read your new book while splashing your feet in the water. Once you sit down, you realize there’s a slight problem. You can’t see the pages of your book because the glare of the sun is just too bright!

Many of us book lovers have been in similar situations. Luckily, Readers.com offers sun readers! Sun readers are sunglasses with reading glasses powers all in one. If you already have a favorite frame style of glasses, the same style can be found in sun readers. If not, check out our Face Shape Guide to figure out which frame looks best with your face shape.

Here are some of our best selling sun readers by style:

1. Aviators

The Hendrix Bifocal Sun Reader, $18.95


Aviators are very popular this season. They’re stylish yet practical and are worn by actors like Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford.

2. Browline

The Cayman Sun Reader, $19.95


Browline readers are trending this summer, which means a pair of these will keep you in-style.

3. Cat Eye

The Pearl Bifocal Sun Reader, $19.95


Cat eye frames are a perfect mixture of fun and practicality. They can spice up an outfit while allowing you to feel comfortable as you read a book.

4. Oval

The Agent Bifocal Sun Reader, $18.95


Oval frames are known for their functionality and style, plus they’re worn by influential actors like Johnny Depp.

5. Rectangle

The Alyssa Sun Reader, $15.95


Rectangle frames are great for people that want something simple and easy for everyday wear.

6. Retro Square

The Peace Polarized Magnetic Bifocal Sun Reader, $24.95



Retro square readers are great for everyday reading. They’re simple and perfect for either gender, no matter your age.

7. Round

The Drama Bifocal Sun Reader, $19.95




Achieve Ivy League status with our classy round reading glasses!

8. Square

The Randy Sun Reader, $17.95


Square shaped frames are great for everyday wear. They especially look good on people with rounder face shapes.

This summer, don’t let the sunlight keep you from reading a great book outside. Pick out your favorite style of sun readers to make your reading experience more comfortable and stylish. Happy reading!


The Most Patriotic Reading Glasses for Summer

On top of warm weather, mouth-watering barbecues, and lots and lots of sun, this summer we’re feeling particularly patriotic. It might be that there’s a little event going on down south, or that it’s Fourth of July weekend, but this summer we’re flaunting some of our red, white, and blue reading glasses. From round readers to hand-painted beauties, here are our top picks for a patriotic summer filled with good food, good people, and hopefully, a few fireworks.

The Americana

american reading glasses

We’re starting the list with the most patriotic readers we have: The Americana. With a hand-painted American flag design on the front of the frame, these reading glasses are perfect for showing your patriotism. Red, white, and wear them all summer.

Shop The Americana

The Apricot Folding Reader

blue reading glasses

Talk about convenience! This bright reader folds up neatly in its case so you can easily carry it anywhere you go. Also available in five other fun colors.

Shop The Apricot Folding Reader

The Daffron

mixed media red readers

Stuck between metal and plastic? Good news for you: The Daffron reader has both! Pair this thin trendy reader with a little bit of white and blue and you’re all set to cheer on the US Olympic Team in Brazil.

Shop The Daffron

The Trudy Bifocal Sun Reader

white sun reading glasses

If you’re heading to a cookout, or venturing downtown, The Trudy Bifocal Sun Reader is an essential. UV protected (and not to mention stylish!), this sun reader will come in handy all summer long.

Shop The Trudy Bifocal Sun Reader

The Edgar

blue fade reading glasses

Take a chance with our blue fade Edgar reading glasses.This fully magnified reader brings the right amount of pop for summer while flaunting a classic, rectangular shape.

Shop The Edgar

The Mintred reading glasses

The last reader on our list is The Mint, a round pair of reading glasses with a lot of flair. Take your style to the next level with this vibrant reader, perfect for the bright bold colors of summer. As Katy Perry once said, “Baby, you’re a firework.”

Shop The Mint

Celebrating Mother’s Day By Looking Back

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic. Adding to the fuel? The resurgence of retro style readers! When we look at popular styles such as The Brit, what we really see is our moms circa 1960. From cat eyes to funky frames, this Mother’s Day we’re remembering our moms and their style through the decades.

What Mom wore when…

…you were born.

If you were born in the late 50’s or early 60’s, chances are good that your mom was flaunting some tasteful cat eyes. Take one look at The Venus and we can almost guarantee you’ll be feeling that early childhood nostalgia.



The Venus

What Mom wore when…

…you went on your first date.

As you got older, you may have seen your mom swap in the cat eyes for a more oval shape. A popular style in the early 70’s, The Pandora reminds us of what moms wore around the time of our first (and probably incredibly awkward!) dating experiences. Groovy.


pandora readers

The Pandora

What Mom wore when…

…you graduated high school.

As the 70’s progressed, people really embraced the funk. Mom was probably wearing a similar style as before, except this time she made sure to add the bling. If you like rhinestone accents (we sure do!), then you’ll love The Angie.


cat eye readers the angie

The Angie

What Mom wore when…

…you got hitched.

Assuming you walked down the aisle in the 80’s, these big, bold, plastic frames may just be what your mom wore to the wedding! Try our Trudy Bifocal Sun Readers for a similar frame shape.

the late 80s

bifocal sun reader

The Trudy Bifocal Sun Reader

This Mother’s Day, we fondly remember our moms and everything that they’ve taught us. And while we’re happy that styles such as cat eyes and browline glasses are making a comeback, we also love the memories and history that these iconic shapes carry with them. Cheers to our moms, and remember — what styles you wear now are what your children (and grandchildren) will be remembering in the future!