Find Your Frames: The Spec Style Guide

These days, your personal style is important. It reflects who you are, and makes you look and feel great! And, while it may be simple to overlook glasses as an accessory, your spec style can say a lot about you, too.

So, are you classic, modern, creative, or scholarly? Do you tend to navigate towards ornate, handmade pieces, or are you on the waiting list for the newest designer duds? You name your style — and we’ll point you towards the perfect frames. Not so sure? Pick the pair you like best below, and see if the corresponding description is screaming your name. You’ll have #happyeyes in no time!

Click through the glasses for more on each frame.

classic reading glasses bohemian glasses modern reading glasses romantic glasses glamorous reading glasses Edgy Reading Glasses Retro Reading Glasses Creative Reading Glasses Nerdy Reading Glasses Sporty Reading Glasses Reading Glasses and Fashion Styles Image Map

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