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Our Walnut Distance Glasses allow you to see far away without spending a ton of money on prescription glasses. Spring temples and slightly adjustable nose pieces make reading that billboard a cinch! Since these frames arrive in our warehouse complete, we are not able to send different powers for each lens or fill prescriptions.

Warning: These are not regular reading glasses. They are made to help folks see far away and are not intended for reading purposes.

  • Available colors:

Please Note: Colors available depend on power selected

Medium Fit
  • Bridge Dimensions
    131mm / 5.16in
  • Eye Dimension
    Eye Height
    34mm / 1.34in
  • Temple Dimension
    127mm / 5.00in
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There GREAT!!!

Got these for distance vision instead of contacts which were giving me headaches. Wore them every day for 10 days, driving, hiking, on boats, riding a dune buggy, etc. Perfect vision, no headaches, cost $13. Can't beat that! I love them. Now just need them in polarized sunglasses!!!

I bought these glasses for my 12 year old and they are working out great!

Great as a substitute for perscription glasses or contacts. They would be great as polarized sunglasses, too. Hint. Hint. Hint!

Why are these distance glasses SO HARD to find anywhere at a drugstore or on the web??? Reading glasses are everywhere (and a pair in every room of my house too). I found myself starting to squint to focus sharply at a distance - like i was a few years ago reading.
I couldn't be more pleased with these glasses. I bought a -0.75, -1.00 & -1.75 to see what worked best for me. The minimal -0.75 was all I need. It makes everything 8' and beyond very crisp for me with no eye bend feeling. I don't wear them for extended periods but for hunting or my kids school play it sure makes it nice. I suspect a prescription set is in my future, but for the occasional need i rate them 5 star, especially considering the low cost.

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